Morning Prayer for December 11

Divine Lord, I appear before You on this new day. I wake up with a lot of faith and joy just to praise you and bless your name. In this new beginning, I want to glorify you and recognize you as the supreme creator of the Earth.I want to thank you for your infinite kindness and paternal tenderness. Blessed are you forever, my good lord. How beautiful it is to

Morning prayer for December 10

Eternal God the Father, the night has come to an end, the sky has your radiant sun and I wake up eager to live what you have prepared for me today. I thank you on my knees for your infinite goodness and because your love is incomparable in giving me one more opportunity to live. Thank you Dear Lord, for this new awakening, thank you for the beautiful miracle of

Morning prayer for December 9

My Lord, a new day begins for me and my heart is happy to know that since the sun appears in your sky, You are present. Thank you because I can wake up in good health and because I will prepare to carry out my usual activities with great enthusiasm and joy. Eternal Lord of heaven, I want to ask you this morning for all the tasks and activities that

Morning prayer for December 8

Thank you God the Father for granting me one more day of life under your gaze. This morning I just want to thank you for placing countless blessings in my life. Thank you because your presence has been in my heart since the beginning of the day and accompanies me in all the moments that you give me. I just want to be grateful and give You words of praise, beloved

Morning prayer for December 7

I thank you, blessed Father, for the new day that you allow me to live. Thank you for giving me the health I need to start my work and for guiding my steps on the path of justice. Give me a day full of opportunities that bring me a little closer to fulfilling my wishes. On this beautiful morning I want to thank you for the family I have. Thank

Morning prayer for December 6

Precious Lord, this morning I approached You to thank You for the new day You grant me. My heart fills with joy because I can recognize your love in the beautiful things that you put in my way. Thank you for your peace, for your blessings, and, again, for the day that begins for me. I love you with all my might and I don’t want to fail you, blessed

Morning prayer for December 5

Beautiful God, I come before your presence and I kneel this morning to give you thanks that you allow my eyes to open once more and for this beautiful gift that is life. I ask you to give me the blessing of enjoying all these moments and sharing them with the people I love the most. I also want to thank you, blessed Lord, because you put your miraculous hand

Morning Prayer for December 4

Beautiful God the Father, thank you that I could wake up one more day and enjoy your beautiful creation. This morning, I want Your name to be the first thing that appears in my mind and the last thing that I say when I go to bed. Thank you for lighting my morning with your bright sun, and now I start the day in the best possible way. Thank you,

Morning prayer for December 3

Thank you wonderful God, for giving me the happiness of enjoying one more opportunity with you. Thank you for giving me this day full of wonders and blessings. May this morning, my Lord, be very profitable and favorable for the plans that I have in my mind and in my heart. On my knees I ask you Lord, that you fill every space of my life with your resplendent light,

Morning Prayer for December 2

God of love, today I kneel before you to thank you for the new day that you put in front of me. I completely believe that you are with me and that you will not leave me alone for the rest of the day. Thank you for the new awakening, now I will start a day full of hope and enthusiasm in the face of the tests that may come.

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