Morning Prayer for January 3

My father, today I want to thank you because your love surrounds me from the first moment of the day. I want to thank you for your protection and care while I was sleeping and you grant me the happiness of waking up to enjoy a new day with the people I love the most. I ask that you give me the good sense to make the right decisions on

Night prayer for January 2

Blessed Creator, the last lights of the day are extinguished and I come before You on this serene night to thank You for the moments that you allowed me to enjoy and share, for the health that you allowed me to enjoy, and to implore your blessing and your forgiveness. My lord, do not turn away from me tonight. Holy Father, I implore your paternal mercy to keep me under

Morning Prayer for January 2

God of infinite love, today I wake up and prostrate myself before your presence to thank you for the new day that begins. This morning, I want to ask you for my life, for the life of my family, so that you fill them with your holy spirit. Stay with me throughout this day, taking away all the fear, anguish, and worry to have a start to the day with

Night prayer for January 1

Divine Lord, the day has come to an end. I find myself on my knees to direct my prayer towards You. I want to thank you because today You give me your protection, love, and care. Thank you because you did not allow evil to take hold of me, or to come near my house. Thank you, blessed God, because only with your company can I feel entirely happy. Almighty

Morning Prayer for January 1

Divine Father, a new year begins for me and, this morning, I want to thank you because you allow me to enjoy health and well-being to continue on your path. Thank you for the health of my family and the blessings you shower on my daily actions. Thank you for standing up to start a day full of new opportunities. This morning I want to raise my gaze and contemplate

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