Night Prayer for December 31

On this precious night, My Lord, shed your light to illuminate the darkness that has my heart, taking away my life, the anguish and the fears that only make me lose my horizons. Give me the calm I need to be able to rest tonight. Amen.

God of love, I come before You tonight to thank You for all the day that You gave me. Thank you because throughout this day I could feel your presence enveloping all the spaces of my heart. Now I ask you to grant me rest so that I can regain my strength and have a new day with many blessings. Thank you precious God, because all this year you have

Morning Prayer for December 31

Dear God, I come to this dawn before your presence, to thank you for all the wonderful things that you have put in my life. Bless my home and my family, helping me to live sensibly this beautiful morning. Amen.

Precious God, thank you for this new opportunity to be alive. Today I wake up with great hope and enthusiasm to live this morning that you have planned for me. I thank you, my good God, for all this beautiful year that has passed. Thank you because you held my hand and did not allow me to fall into the temptations that the world offers. Thank you because tomorrow after

Night Prayer for December 30

Good God, this quiet night, my lips want to praise you and bless you for everything you have put in my life. Thank you that you are magnificent and resplendent because you are loved and kind. I ask you to give me one more opportunity to continue on your path. Amen.

Thank you, my Lord, because I have been able to reach the end of the day holding your hand. I feel very happy despite the darkness of the night, for being your son. Thank you that during the day you gave me many opportunities to become a better person and because, at all times, I tried to live according to your mandates. Tonight I raise my prayer in the hope

Morning Prayer for December 30

Father God, thank you for the beautiful day that you place before my eyes. Thank you because you do not let me fall into the temptations of the evil one and because you show me your infinite love for all the people around me. Amen.

Dear God, my eyes wake up once more and I realize that he has given me a new dawn. I can only thank you for your immense compassion and for your incomparable love. Thank you because I know that I wake up healthy and eager to move forward on the path of life. Today I want to take advantage of this morning to praise you and bless you because you

Night prayer for December 29

Blessed Heavenly Father, I thank you for the beautiful day that you gave me and now, that night is with us. I kneel before your presence to give you homage and adoration. Thank you, precious God, because your love is incomparable and because your spirit enveloped me during this day, preventing evil from taking hold of me. Before asking or thanking You, I implore your forgiveness, Divine Father, forgiveness for

Morning Prayer for December 29

Precious God, the first rays of the sun tell me that you are giving me a new day to enjoy and share with the people I love the most. This morning, I opened my eyes and sought your presence to thank you because you allowed my body to rest peacefully and today you allow me to go after the plans you have for me. It is beautiful, God the Father,

Night prayer for December 28

God of my heart, one more day has come to an end and I approach You to thank You for taking care of me and protecting me throughout the day. Thank you because since I started until I finished, you gave me your sublime company to feel safe and loved. I want to thank you. Despite my fatigue and fatigue, I feel very happy, because I feel that I was

Morning prayer for December 28

Dear God, this morning I stand before you to thank you, first of all, for the miracle of life and also because you show me your immense love with each day that you give me. I ask you to stay by my side throughout this day that is about to begin and to guide my steps on the path of righteousness. My God, give me the prudence and wisdom to

Night prayer for December 27

My beloved Lord, one more day culminates under your gaze and I come to prostrate myself on my knees to thank you for everything you put in my way. Thank you for all the people with whom I shared moments, thank you for the projects that were completed, thank you for the new illusions that were born, and because, at all times, you were a faithful friend. I also want

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