Morning Prayer for April 17

My Lord, I come to thank you for allowing me to have a new awakening. Help me to grow in faith and prayer more and more each day. Bless my family and my home this morning. Surround them with your immense love. Amen.

Father in heaven. I greet you this morning with all the love in my heart, thanking you once again for having given me the gift of life, for giving me the gift of being able to open my eyes wide and enjoy your creations, your wonders. Thank you, beloved Father, because you were my refuge all night long, because nothing disturbed my sleep, because no evil could harm me. Thank

Morning Prayer for April 16

Dear God, thank you for giving me another day filled with your love. Today I want you to form me according to your plan and bring me closer to you through your word. Give me the strength to go forward on this path. Amen.

Blessed Father of mercy, I thank you for the opportunity to enjoy this new day. Thank you for always trusting me, for showing me your love daily, and for your infinite mercy. This morning I can wake up full of happiness because from very early you manifest your love for me because from very early you make my life take on a different meaning. I thank you, Lord, because you

Morning Prayer for April 15

My good Lord, I prostrate myself before you to thank you for this awakening. This morning, my heart praises you with joy and rejoicing. Thank you for the blessings you place upon my home and the health you give to my family. Amen.

Blessed Father, on this morning that you gave me, I kneel before your greatness, Lord, for how wonderful and sublime your love is. Thank you that my eyes are awakened and contemplate the beauty of your creation. Thank you for every blessing you have bestowed upon me and my family. Thank you, my God, because when I woke up this morning, my body was renewed, in better spirits, and full

Morning Prayer for April 14

My beloved God, this morning I want to thank you because you granted me a new day. I want to put everything under your will, my dreams, my desires, and my projects. Stay with me this morning and I will keep you faithful. Amen.

Wonderful God, today I kneel before your presence to thank you for the beautiful blessing it is to wake up wrapped in your love. Thank you for allowing me to open my eyes and see the wonders you have placed in my day to capture my attention and tell me that you love me. I now prepare to have a day guided by your hand, and may it be of

Morning Prayer for April 13

Father of goodness, your promises are true and that is why this morning I am certain that it will be of much favor to me. Pour out on my family the blessings they need, watch over their health, and bless my home. Amen.

Father of all, today I have awakened again in the fullness of my faculties, my life, and my health thanks to your indulgence, and I will continue on my way thanks to your wisdom that comes down from heaven and becomes the air I breathe. Your majesty and your goodness continue to teach me to exist and continue to grow day after day in this world full of perversity for

Morning Prayer for April 12

Lord of mercy, I thank you this morning for your infinite goodness. Thank you that, despite my sins, you always await my return to your arms. Thank you for granting me forgiveness and allowing me one more day of life. Amen.

Blessed Father, King of all things, this morning I come to you with a grateful heart because you give me so much because you bless me greatly and allow me to wake up with my family and have the joy of living another day by their side. Thank you, my Lord, because in this new dawn I can count on all your blessings, those that I never lack. I am

Morning Prayer for April 11

My blessed God, thank you for this morning that you gave me. I ask you to be with me at all times and not to leave me alone so that all may go well. Bless my work, my labor, and my family. May your grace be manifested in my life. Amen.

Every day, beloved Father, you give me this new opportunity to open my eyes wide and enjoy this world. You allow me to have the joy of living here, surrounded by all your wonderful creations, and it is a priceless blessing to be part of all this. This morning, Lord, I place myself at your feet. I want to talk to you and tell you about everything that no one

Morning Prayer for April 10

God of love, I come this morning into your presence to thank you and with full confidence that all that you do in me is part of a purpose. I want to place my faith in you to intervene and to do all things according to your will. Amen.

Today is a new day, my Lord, and I kneel before you so I can offer you all the desires and gratitude that my heart keeps for you, because you are my greatest strength, Father, and because only you can take care of me, only you know how to listen to me, my Lord. I feel so grateful to you, Most Holy Father, because you gave me this day, which

Morning Prayer for April 9

My beloved God, my heart is glad to know that you have granted me a new opportunity to live. Thank you for your blessings are great in my life. Pour out your holy power and mercy this morning, so that I may obtain your forgiveness and go forth to live this moment with hope. Amen.

The sun has risen again, my Lord and my soul rejoices to know that you gave me a new day, a day to be with those I love the most, a day to do the activities I must do and fulfill my role in this society. I am so happy, beloved Father, to be able to enjoy once again all your creation. I thank you for having woken up in

Morning prayer for April 8

Loving God, may your spirit descend upon me this morning and enable me to be protected from all evils that may come my way. Watch over my heart and act upon the evils of my soul. Do not forsake me for a moment. Amen.

My beloved God, thank you for giving me one more day of life, for allowing my eyes to contemplate the greatness of your creation, and for granting me the joy of being able to witness the infinite love you feel for me. This day is another opportunity to be happy and start doing those things I have always dreamed of. This day is the perfect opportunity to amend my mistakes