Morning prayer for December 21

Precious God, Father of mercy and Lord of my life, I approach You this morning to thank You for your infinite love. I owe you all the wonderful blessings you put into my day. I ask you, Lord, that you grant me a calm and serene day, without disturbances and that you give me the enthusiasm to know how to live it. A new day is about to begin for

Morning Prayer for December 20

Precious God, the sunlight announces the arrival of a new day, the little birds sing, the gentle breeze shows me how magnificent your creation is. My eyes open, I wake up full of happiness because my body has rested enough to start a morning full of many challenges. I thank you because I am confident that today you will grant me a day full of many goals to meet. My

Morning Prayer for December 19

Wonderful Lord, loving Father and infinite goodness, I appear before You full of much joy and enthusiasm to thank You for this new day that you place before my eyes. Thank you for your immense love that makes all this creation that you made can be enjoyed one more day. This morning I can only have words of happiness, praise, and honor for you. Holy Father, because your works are

Morning prayer for December 18

I thank you, blessed Lord because one more day dawns by your side. Thank you because you allowed my body to rest all night and today it wakes me up with much more enthusiasm and joy. Blessed Lord, today I want to thank you and praise you constantly because through your creation you show me all your love.  I especially want to ask you, my God, for people who wake

Morning Prayer for December 17

Blessed Lord, this morning I woke up with great joy knowing that you protected my rest and thus I was able to regain my strength. Thank you for granting me the grace to live one more day. I ask you to give me the wisdom and prudence to live this gift, enjoying all its moments to the fullest. Thank you, beloved Father, because I am sure that this day will

Morning Prayer for December 16

Blessed Lord, Father of goodness and only king of my life, this morning I prostrate myself before You to thank You for the happiness of waking me up once more. Thank you, my God, because the blazing sun and the morning breeze remind me of the immense love you have for the world and especially for me. Your presence envelops my life since my eyes open to start a new

Morning Prayer for December 15

Blessed Lord, this morning I kneel before You to thank You for the infinite love that You show me every dawn. Thank you for giving me once again the opportunity to get out of bed in good health. I know that today you will be willing to guide my steps on the path of righteousness and you will always give me the strength I will need to face adversity. Thank

Morning Prayer for December 14

My dear Lord, the day begins and I can wake up in your presence thanking you for granting me the miracle of life once again. My strength has been restored thanks to this rest that you gave me, now I am about to start a day full of possibilities in my favor. Thank you for the infinite kindness that you show me, thank you that I can feel joy within

Morning prayer for December 13

Blessed Lord, I thank you for this day that dawns. I feel your presence since I opened my eyes. I want to thank you because you have given me your love since the beginning of the day. Thank you for my family that accompanies me and for my friends that make my life much happier. On this day, I ask you to grant a favorable day for me. This morning,

Morning Prayer for December 12

Blessed Lord, the sun returns to the highest point in the sky. I wake up with great joy to thank you because you allow me, one more day, to contemplate your beautiful creation. Merciful God, I really praise you because even without deserving it, you give me a lot of love, patience, and blessings. I want to ask You, heavenly Father, that this morning it is You who take all

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