Morning Prayer for July 25

Majestic Father, today my eyes are opened contemplating your marvelous creation, inspiring me to begin this humble prayer, as a sign of all my admiration, love and gratitude. Thank you for offering me daily your friendship as one of the best gifts and for taking care of me at night to have restful dreams. This morning, I want to thank you for this precious detail of living, I put it

Morning Prayer for July 24

Wonderful Lord, how good it feels to know that another day has begun, I have been waiting for you in my dreams, eager once again to be able to contemplate your perfect creation from the first hours of the day. How blessed I feel, my God! I begin this morning placing at your feet my whole life together with the purposes I want to achieve today, I want to take

Morning Prayer for July 23

Divine Master, this morning that has just arrived, I want to thank You for having relieved my fatigue during my rest. Because in front of You, I have this new opportunity to serve You and to be pleasing in my heart. Thank you Lord, because today we begin again to write a new story together.  Thank you my God, because I can wake up wrapped in the mercy of your

Morning Prayer for July 22

Beautiful God, thank you for this new awakening. Today I have a new opportunity to contemplate the beauty of your creation, filling my heart with radiance. I feel very blessed for such a precious gift of dawn, because from the first opening of my eyes, you shine with your love that little by little is enveloping my room. Thank you Lord, because every day you make it unique and special,

Morning Prayer for July 21

Gracious Father, you enlighten my soul once again with this new dawn. Thank you for the first lights of love that you give me this day, because my heart begins to be enthusiastic about the things that today you have destined for me, sometimes I feel a little fear for the adversities, but with your company everything will be more bearable and glorified. I feel blissful because I have awakened

Morning Prayer for July 20

Mighty and dear God, how good it is to be here and to know that my wishes have been fulfilled with this new sky that dawns near my window. These moments that seem to be so simple and everyday, are very enriching for me. Thank you adored Lord, because today I have the opportunity to be happy again, to amend some mistakes I made or perhaps to be able to

Morning Prayer for July 19

Majestic and charming Father, a hope made dawn has awakened in my heart and I want to thank you once again for this great opportunity of life that you give me. Thank you because the desires that I entrusted in my dreams are being fulfilled one by one.  I want that from the beginning to the end of the day, my mouth proclaims your praises, my arms are raised to

Morning Prayer for July 18

Divine Lord, very good morning. Today I wake up with my heart burning like the sun that today you capture in your sky, and the first thing I want to do is to thank you for the new morning that you put before my eyes. Thank you for one more day of life, for the blessing of being able to enjoy the first hours of the day with you, because

Morning Prayer for July 17

Lord of peace and goodness, very good morning. Today, as I open my eyes for the first time, I can understand that the petitions I made to you have been granted by your mercy. Today begins a new day for me, I hope it will be very profitable, I have the illusion that it will be so because you go with me.  Do not allow me to give up so

Morning Prayer for July 16

Beloved Father, today I woke up with much happiness in my soul and with the illusion that today I can discover You in love, know more about You, about the plans You have for my life. I raise to You my gratitude for this new beginning of life and because You took care of my dreams with much tenderness as the loving Father that You are. Blessed are You Lord,