Morning Prayer for April 10

Lord I want to kneel before you on this new day and show you my gratitude and to express my wishes, for you are my stronghold, Father, and because only you listen and understand what I say, my Lord. I am thankful because you grant me this day that provides me so many new opportunities to improve and to do good, Holy Father. Each one of these opportunities draws me closer

Morning Prayer for April 9

The sun has come out again and my soul is overjoyed to know that you are gifting me with another day, Lord. Today is a day to be with my loved ones, carry out my activities and role that I have in society. I am happy to be able to enjoy your creation, kind Father. I thank you because you woke me up in good health and because my loved

Morning Prayer for April 8

Thank you, Lord, because I have lived for another day, and thank you for allowing me to see the greatness of your creation and because I can witness how great your love for me is. I thank you, my Lord because this day is a new opportunity to be happy and to start to do the things I have always dreamt of. Today is a perfect day to make up for

Morning Prayer for April 7

Kind and heavenly Father, you offer me the gift of life for me to enjoy once again.  My Lord, I am grateful to you because I have my family here with me, which is a marvelous present.  My heart is overjoyed to be able to see and enjoy your creation, Lord. You have been very generous to my brethren and me, because the sun shines on us every day and we can

Morning Prayer for April 6

Blessed Lord, my heart is overjoyed, and my soul is grateful to you for one more day in my life. I am grateful that I can look up and see the blue sky, feel the rays of the sun on my skin, and be able to live another day.  Thank you, merciful Lord, for my family has woken up by my side today. Each one of them enjoys your blessings in the

Morning Prayer for April 5

Heavenly Father, I am grateful that I have been able to open my eyes this morning and get out of bed once more. I thank you for a new day with new opportunities to improve and do the things I like. I am grateful because I can enjoy your creation once more, and be part of this world, Lord. I want to thank you for this new day, which offers

Morning Prayer for April 4

Kind Lord, your gift for me this morning is that I can open my eyes once more and see my loved ones and enjoy your blessings. I thank you, because as this day is about to begin, Lord, you grant me the opportunity to make up for what, according to your will, I have done wrong. Today I can turn a new page in my life and write down the new

Morning Prayer for April 3

Eternal Father, on this beautiful morning, you reward me by being able to open my eyes and be a witness to all your blessings. Your blessings are countless. I want to take this opportunity to speak to you and thank you for another day in my life. It is thanks to you that I can carry out my plans and goals and move closer to becoming the successful persona I yearn

Morning Prayer for April 2

Kind Lord, I come before you today, on this day, which is about to begin, and glorify your name and your deeds. I want to thank you for your countless blessings and to ask you not to let go of my hand today because I need you as I do every other day, Lord. I thank you because you provide and take care of me, my Lord. Heavenly Father, you

Morning Prayer for April 1

Kind Lord, as I open my eyes and kneel to praise you, the sun is shining once more in my life. I thank you for every one of your blessings in my life, and for everything you give me, Lord. I want to thank you, God, because I woke up in the company of my family. You have granted us sweet dreams, allowed our bodies to rest, and kept us warm.

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