Night Prayer for April 10

Dear Father, the moon is gifting us with its lights, and you have allowed me to reach this moment for it is you who has a perfect plan for my life. Lord, I am grateful because you care and love me unconditionally. I want to thank you, King, of kings, from the bottom of my heart, for I am fortunate to have my family with me one more day. Thank you,

Night Prayer for April 9

I want to thank you for everything you give me and for everything you allowed me to do today. This day has provided me with ample experience, and I’ve felt you close at all times. It has been a long day, and I have tried to stand firm, for I know that it is to your liking Father. I am grateful, Lord, because I have not been alone, and you have

Night Prayer for April 8

Holy Father, the day has ended, and I want to kneel before You and thank you for each one of your blessings. I pray for faith and for the noble desires of my heart, my Lord. I have lived through many different situations today, some pleasant and others not, but I have learned from them all. I have learned from these experiences, and above all, I’ve always kept you in my

Night Prayer for April 7

Kind Father, I want to bow my head and thank you for blessings, for both my loved ones and me. I am about to confess my most intimate desires, the ones my heart zealously keeps, Lord. As I look at the moon, I want to thank you, Lord, for the light, for the stars that guide me and motivate me. Thank you for both day and night, and the possibility of

Night Prayer for April 6

Almighty God, I kneel before you on this night and pray to disclose the deep feelings in my heart and to thank you for each one of your blessings. I am grateful, Father, because you have kept my family and me safe under your robe on this day, and I thank you for that. I am on my knees tonight to thank you for your love and protection. I am

Night Prayer for April 5

Our Father, night has arrived, and though my body feels tired, my soul wants to thank you, that is why I kneel before you, Lord, and show my gratitude for the blessings you give my family and me. I am thankful that you are in my life because since I met you Father and accepted your Word of Life, you have continually blessed me, and my loved ones. You have given me

Night Prayer for June 4

Dear Lord, I pray with a broken heart and a tired body as a result of everything I’ve lived through today. Nevertheless, I do not want to stop being with you, Lord, nor do I want to stop telling you what my feelings and worries are. Therefore, I am going to kneel before you, Lord, knowing that you hear me. I want to thank you, Father, because you have been

Night Prayer for April 3

Blessed Lord, this day has come to an end, and I want to speak to you with a grateful heart. My heart wishes to thank you for every one of your blessings, God. Thank you for the gift of this day. Father, I thank you because I can be with my family once again, share awesome moments with them, and strengthen the bond and trust between us. Thank you, Lord, because,

Night Prayer for April 2

Kind Father, I pray that you do not abandon me tonight, because without You I will not be able to rest. Please watch over my dreams and free me from wickedness and doom, for I do not want to be mislaid nor get lost in the darkness. Lord, tonight as on previous nights, I want to thank you for the love and protection I have felt throughout the day. Thank

Night Prayer for April 1

Almighty God, I want to thank you tonight for allowing me to add another day to my life so that I can share it with my family that I love so much. Another day that I can serve you and make amends for my mistakes. Another day that allows me to advocate my testimony and continue to be faithful to you. I also want to thank you, Father, for all

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