Category: Prayers for couples

We all want to love and feel loved, but not everyone finds someone who can match their feelings. That is why here we have a series of prayers for couples that will help you ask God for that need that your heart longs for with all its might.

You can find prayers to find true love, a couple that truly understands and loves you. As well as, prayers to restore the marriage, so that everything goes well with your partner and the union and understanding reign among you.

But just as there is love, there is also pain, that is why you will also find some prayer to overcome a heartbreak, because it is not easy to achieve it, but with the help of the Lord, everything is possible.

Remember that these prayers of couples should be done with much faith and hope, so the Lord will respond to your supplications in due time. Be patient and trust Him, for He knows the love plans he has for you.

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