House Cleansing Prayer

God, Lord of the universe, it is a privilege for me to rely on you in prayer, to know that I can feel alive and have the opportunity for you to help me to be a better son, wife, mother, father, trying to comply with everything you have willed me beforehand. I want to start this prayer by consecrating my home entirely to You.

Lord, you know my family. You knew and loved us even before we were in our mother’s womb, that is why there is no better choice at this moment than to pray to You. I wish to ask you for a very special favor, as I find myself going through some problems that I am certain do not come from you.

Lord, I want to place my life and my home in your hands. Cleanse and frees it from the enemies’ attack to break the peace and harmony in my family, with a series of actions that affect our wellbeing. He will not succeed, because my family, and I are holding onto your powerful hand.

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You, Lord, were victorious over evil because Your love was greater than any hardship, sin, or evildoing. Help me please to break free graciously from this situation that affects me, does not allow me to rest, and only gives place to division and fear among my relatives.

Cleanse my home, blessed Lord, shed your light and peace, in every corner and space. Seal every room with you Precious Blood, so that no one will break-in, and free my home and everyone else under this roof, from all evil, ill-wishes, and the enemy’s actions against me. Do not allow anyone to harm us or separate us, Lord, for we are convinced that yours is the power and the glory, sovereign Lord.

I am convinced that Your mercy is greater than any harm and is all-powerful to place the devil at your feet to later drive him out of my life, home, and this world, never to return.  Lord, in your infinite kindness, cleanse the space around me, and uproot all damnation that wants to hurt us, and replace it with peace, joy, and harmony.

Drive out evil and free our hearts from the bondage of sin, Lord, in the same way, you did for so many people years ago by expelling demons from their children and making miracles. I beg that you enter my home and throughout all the evil that settled in each corner and our hearts, cut down the weeds and sow seeds of peace and faith.

Please, merciful Father, expel all the spirits of conflict, separation, aggression, disobedience, envy, and discomfort that undermines our souls and separates us from you. I want to hold fast to You in prayer Lord, I am afraid that my family will end up destroyed as a result of these evils, yet I am sure that with your protection, we shall emerge in victory.

May evil be eliminated in your name, because this home is Yours, my Lord, completely yours. Come and reign in it and cleanse every space. Wander around each room and cleanse each smudge, abomination, and harm.

Blessed Lord, free each person that lives here, cleanse our hearts and free us from temptation and the wrong attitudes, and help as to walk alongside you, dear God, for sin will have no room in our lives if we walk hand in hand with you, loving Lord. May every person who enters our home, be anointed by your love, dear Father, and may all bad intentions that harbor in our hearts, be annulled and replaced by peace and blessings.

May You dwell in each bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, outdoor areas, and every room in my home. May your divinity dwell in every space of my home so that my family is protected in constant prayer and faithfulness to You, and for peace and harmony to reign in my family.

Lord, I want to thank you for listening to my call and plea, for not leaving me alone in times like these when I pray for my home to be cleansed and freed. Teach me to be patient, and to rest on You without losing faith. And that my family and I can fully serve you through the power of your grace because my home belongs to you. Do not part from our side, stay with us, kind Father, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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