Morning Prayer for January 1

Divine Father, a new year begins for me and, this morning, I want to thank you because you allow me to enjoy health and well-being to continue on your path. Thank you for the health of my family and the blessings you shower on my daily actions. Thank you for standing up to start a day full of new opportunities.

This morning I want to raise my gaze and contemplate your blue sky. May my lips be filled with praise, and may they bless you forever. Praised be you, magnificent Creator, because your details are beautiful, your love is incomparable. Your mercy envelops the entire Earth. Blessed are you, O God, because you do not abandon me for a moment. You are ready to come to my aid by crying out for you.

Precious Lord, this day I want to ask You for all the people who start the year with difficulties. Pour your Holy Spirit on them so that they can achieve what they seek and need. Please, God, renew their faith and enliven the desire to continue with perseverance on a path that, perhaps, has eluded them. May your favor be with them in this year that is beginning.

This morning, blessed Father, I want to ask you for all the plans that I will put in place.  I beg you for all the projects that I have in mind to achieve the profit and abundance that I require for myself and my family. I ask you to put yourself in front of them and you can grant me the happiness of fulfilling everything I have in mind, at the moment that is convenient and necessary.

Lord of my heart, may this day be a day full of victory, perseverance, and effort. May I have the wisdom to resolve my problems and may serve the brothers who need me. Bless my friends, my family, and health loans so that they can carry out their daily activities. Cover me with your beautiful cloak and protect me from the males that may appear outside.

My beloved Lord, You know my life, my heart, all the intentions that are in my mind, and the desires that I want for my life, help me to improve on this first day of the year.  Blessed Lord, to be able to be prosperous and be ready for the countless blessings you have for me. Give me the necessary productivity in my work, in my business, help me so that financial debts do not deviate from the path I seek for my success.

Grant me the financial solvency I need to be able to support my family, but without my mind getting confused and falling into materialism, that I can show gratitude for your blessings at all times, without forgetting for a moment that it is You who sustains me, Wonderful lord.

Dear God, I want to ask you, especially for my family. So that you are the one who can alleviate the problems that each one of them may have so that you increase the faith that they have been losing so that you keep us united in prayer and always watching over each other.

Blessed God, stay in the middle of my home and bless us every moment that our actions reflect that we know You and that we want to reach You through the only way of truth that is your Son, Jesus. Renew our hearts, in this New Year, so that we can be good people and thus be instruments of your love, in the merciful name of Jesus, Amen.

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