Morning Prayer for January 11

Lord of love, the sun that appears in the sky shows me that the day begins for me. Thank you for blessing me again with a morning full of challenges and challenges. Thank you for allowing my body to replenish its energies and for allowing me to begin the day in the best way possible.

 Blessed God, I want to offer you my life and the life of my family this morning, so that you can touch our hearts and give us a new reason to continue on your path. May your powerful right hand extinguish all evil that may exist in my home.

Lord, my God, you understand my family’s problems better than anyone else, and you understand how worries can cause cracks in our faith. I ask you to be the doctor who cures our illnesses that you can take care of the pains that we have in our souls. Ease the burdens we carry on our backs, Lord. We need You in every moment of our lives.

Blessed God, give me on this day everything I need. Give me the ability to face the trials that await me. That your wisdom allows me to choose the best options to solve the problems that may appear and that you be my strength to stay up when I have to suffer some difficult moments.

I want to be a better person every day, a better servant, someone who can be useful to you for what you need and for the work you do.  Heavenly Father, remove from me envy, jealousy, resentment, and everything that can separate me from You. Make me a new person who can please you with my actions and do well to the people around me.

Blessed Father, only in your arms can I feel safe and full of love. This morning I want to give you all my praise and honor. You give me many things for nothing, and, although I do not deserve what you give me, you give it to me with a lot of love. How not to be happy with you, Holy Father, if in every detail of creation, you made an effort for me to be pleased.

Take care of all the paths where I can walk, illuminate the paths full of darkness, and protect me from the evils that may lie in wait for me. Thank you, Eternal Father, because you are next to me, supporting me in all adversity. It doesn’t matter how bad I am as long as you are here, because your light gives me the clarity I need to overcome my fears.

Stay faithful, Lord. Help me to be a witness to your truth, that my faith can infect the rest. Blessed God, even if a thousand storms come, I know that if you are in front of my boat, there will be no difficulty that will make me hesitate. Beautiful God, your love escapes my imagination and you give it all to me, without limits and whenever I need it.

Stay with me for the rest of the day, beautiful Father and God of my life, and help me to enjoy today, all of its moments, and share them with the people I love the most. May this morning that you wake up be very helpful and may my activities be fruitful. All this I ask in the powerful name of your Son Jesus, Amen.

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