Morning Prayer for January 12

This morning, Almighty Father, my eyes were open and my lips wanted to pronounce your name. I wake up with great joy to know that, very early in the day, you fill me with blessings. Lord, you make my life a miracle. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to achieve my dreams and wishes.

 I want to thank you for all the good that you have done for me. Thank you for my home. Thank you, because I have a roof where I can take refuge. Thank you, because you gave me a job to support my home and be able to bring a plate of food to my table. Thank you, Lord, because I have a dress to cover me and because you gave me health to do all of the above.

Holy God, I want my actions to please you so that I can have a space in your kingdom. Lord, you know that I need you at all times and that your presence in my life is essential to achieve what I want. Give me your blessing constantly and accompany me on the journey of this day.

I ask you for my family and for the people who are important to me, to give them a very useful and very favorable day, take care of the evils that may exist in the world, take care of the steps they can take, and take care of the trails that they may take, O my Lord.

Light up this day with your resplendent love. With your incomparable beauty, make me feel the happiness of being your child. Blessed Lord, help me to value and love myself with everything you put in me, with my virtues and my defects, with my good moments and my bad moments. However, I have to ask you to take my weaknesses and take charge of polishing them to achieve the holiness that you promised me.

My Lord, increase my faith, my joy, and give me the certainty that you will dispel all the darkness that may appear in the middle of my journey. Give me the freedom that my heart longs for. Do not allow me to have worries that divert me from my journey. May your light shine within me this morning. Stay with me.

Father God, do not allow anything or anyone to separate me from you. Keep all kinds of evil away from me. Do not allow me to fall into temptation. So that I can fall into some test, I can get up and move on. If you fight my battles, there will be no opposing army that can defeat me.

Heavenly Father, I want to put all my plans in your hands so that this morning I can do what your will wants, that you can be the horizon where I want to go. I always want to look for you, ask for your favor, and rejoice in your presence. May this day be a moment of closeness to you, Oh Lord.

 Dear Father, I thank you because I am confident that my prayer is being heard. Thank you for accompanying me at all times, and I know that this day will not be an exception. I have the conviction that everything I hope will come from your hand. All this I ask in the name of your Son, Jesus, the only way of truth and life. Amen.

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