Morning Prayer for January 13

Beautiful Lord, I thank you for each sunrise that you give me. Thank you because my eyes are open and because my body is about to get up to start a new day. Thank you because you have the beautiful detail of allowing me to share the days with the people I love the most.

I am filled with joy knowing that I am your son and that you bless me with your power. I ask you this morning to place your protective hand on me and help me overcome the obstacles that may be presented to me. By your side, I feel very safe. I have the certainty that in everything I propose, I will achieve it because you are in my favor. May this prayer be heard. Blessed God, I raise it to you with great humility and devotion.

I want to thank you this morning for my friends, my family, and all the people that you placed in my path that helped me to be a better person. Thank you for all the moments that you allowed me to share with them. Thank you because I have your backing and your support in difficult times. Their love and support motivate me to keep going on your path; thank you because they are a reflection of your love.

Blessed Father, because your works are wonderful and because you give everything without caring about anything. I ask you to allow me to be a messenger of your love; allow me to be your servant who can help people who need it; that my life be a testimony of you; that I know you and that you are the center of my life. Enlighten my steps this day, Father of love, to walk the correct paths.

I want to keep your word within me, trust your promises, and be certain that I will walk in victory for your cause. Loving God, give me the possibility to act as you want, with the good sense and prudence of a child who takes care of this beautiful gift of life.

Father of Mercy, thank you for your fidelity and your friendship. Thank you because you are constantly by my side. Thank you for giving me everything I need. Because you do not abandon me. Only in you can I find peace in my moments of sadness.

 This morning, I want to ask you, especially for the people who are far from your path, for those who go through life blinded by the routine and the pleasures of the world. Show your mercy on them and come to their aid when they cry out for you. Don’t let the world get lost and fall into darkness. Show them that there is always hope to continue.

Every day, my God, draw me closer to you and help me understand the mystery of your love. This morning, direct my steps where you want me to go. I want to be an instrument of your work, carrying the message that others need to hear.

Blessed Father, God of my life and my heart, I thank you once again for this beautiful day that you put before my eyes. I ask that this morning be very productive and that I can carry out all my activities without setbacks. Grant me your love, your peace, and your well-being. All this I ask of you with great faith in the name of Jesus, the only truth in the world. Amen.

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