Morning Prayer for January 14

Father of mercies, this is why I turned to you this morning to give you all the gratitude in my heart. Thank you because I am convinced that the day will be very good and very profitable. Thank you for the energy I recovered and thank you for the health that I enjoy. Thank you to all the people who will be with me this morning, Heavenly Father.

 Blessed God, all I have is thanks to you. All that is good comes from your hand. That is why I want to praise you and give you glory this morning, from my home. I want my prayer to be heard because I do it from the bottom of my heart. There is no more joy within me, knowing and having the certainty that your love for me is infinite and without comparison.

 Thank you because I have many reasons to feel happy. Thank you because you gave me and will give me many more moments. Thank you because I have learned to trust your words, not to despair, and to know that only you have the last word, that I can have many things but that it only depends on you that they are achieved.

This morning I want to magnify your name. I want you to be a part of my life completely and I want to give you everything I have planned for today. My dreams, my wishes, and my desire to always get out of situations successfully. I put everything at your disposal. May your powerful hand covers my life, bless my steps and give me firmness when deciding.

Merciful Father, if on this day I make some mistakes or I fall into some temptation, I ask you not to take my actions into account, because I am weak and my intentions are not those. I am ashamed of my imperfections and I know that I am not worthy of receiving so many blessings from your hand. That is why I am asking for your forgiveness.

This day gave me a completely renewed heart, wanting to serve with great humility, giving me a heart willing to fight and want to overcome the tests. Give me a big heart to love and a strong will to withstand times of adversity. Heavenly Father, take it upon yourself to shape my life the way you want it to be.

My Lord, if this morning things do not go as I hope, help me not to despair, help me to continue to trust and to persevere in faith. Give me much more resistance to make me strong in the face of trials. If I have to cry, seek consolation in you. If I have to fall, may your powerful hand help me to lift.

Take the problems of my life, I will put them under your feet. Allow me to solve them one by one under your supervision and help me to overcome my fears and barriers. May I hear your message of love and hope so that my life takes the course you want, Father of mercy.

God of my heart, I feel inexplicable without your presence in my life. Help me to do well this morning, to perform actions that are to your liking, and that my lips can only praise you this morning. May your presence not stray from my path. All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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