Morning Prayer for January 15

Thank you, Lord, of my life, that you put one more day in front of me. Thank you for the air I breathe and the sun that shines through my window; thank you for allowing my rest to be pleasant and restorative. Thank you because, as always, you give me health to start the day.

I entrust myself to you before starting my activities. This morning, Holy Father, pour out your beautiful blessing on me and help me live properly. So I will give you all my plans and everything I have in mind for today, so that you can have what you think is most convenient for you.

Give me the strength I need today to face my trials and give me the courage to face this problem that causes me so much anguish and fear. Blessed God, give me the perseverance to continue on the path even if the situation looks difficult. Increase my faith and help me to trust you so as not to decay if the day turns dark.

 This morning I want to trust you blindly. I want to put my life in your hands because I know you will not let me down. He received many blessings from you, and I just want to thank you, bless you, and praise you. I ask you that this day be very profitable for me and that the stages that I have planned may be completed. Oh blessed God, may your will resemble what I ask.

Dear Father, You are the center of my life, the center of my joys, the blessing of my home, the favor of my family, and the comfort of my sorrows. Lead me today along the path you want me to follow and may my steps be firm to find what I am looking for and longing for. Remove from my life all kinds of temptation, feelings of evil, and thoughts of discouragement, because by being with me, nothing can be against me.

On this day, merciful God, I want to ask you in a special way for my family, for those people who are always behind me to give me a word of encouragement, tokens of affection and affection, so that you can pour out your spirit on their hearts and cleanse any stain they have. You know how important they are to me, which is why I am asking for your favor at my home.

Bless and prosper them in their proposed activities. May everything they do please you so that you continue to bless them. Allow them to get to know you, allow their faith to grow, and you will become a need for them. May they recognize you as the only God and Lord, the one who can lead them on the path of salvation.

 All my trust, Heavenly Father, may be placed in you, along with all my dreams and projects. Give me the patience to do my part and hope that everything is fulfilled in your time. Be my light, my guide, and my horizon, the destination I have to reach, and the love that I must reflect.

Thank you, Lord, because I have the certainty that you will grant me a very useful day. Thank you because I know that I will be able to achieve everything that I propose if I put my trust in you. Help me to live under your mandates while enjoying your company, blessed Father. Amen.

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