Morning Prayer for January 16

Thank you, Almighty Lord, for granting me this new opportunity to live. Thank you for this beautiful day that is about to begin. This morning I place myself under your protection and your grace so that you can grant me a day full of peace and happiness. I am about to start it in the best way possible: by talking to you, Father God.

For today, there are many plans that I could not carry out, many goals that I could not fulfill, and many dreams that I could not achieve. Give me patience, blessed Lord, patience to understand that everything will be carried out in your time and that what I can arrange will be done according to your plans and not mine.

Thank you, adored Father, because you show me your infinite love in each day that you give me. Thank you because you always listen to my prayers, because you are always aware of the people I love, and because you do not allow me to have great needs that could affect my integrity, Lord.

This morning I want to ask you for my family, so that your goodness fills their hearts, so that you increase their faith and that you keep us together. May our prayers serve as a link to you and make us much more like you. Help us to be a loving family that remembers that you are the only focus of our lives and the only reason to adore.

Allow today to meet the goals they have planned, bless their steps, and take care of all the activities they can do. Almighty Father, apart from your life, all kinds of evil, all dangers that may threaten them, give them peace of mind when facing trials and lead them on the path of victory.

On this day, beautiful Lord, teach me the humility to recognize my mistakes, give me docility to accept your will, and teach me to forgive people who once wanted to do me wrong. Don’t let my heart hold grudges or let there be any room for resentment. That the enemy will not be able to rule over.

Almighty God, fill my life with your blessings. Give me joy and peace in my heart to discern your messages and to know what you want from me. This morning, I ask you not to abandon me, to always be attentive to what I need, to pay attention to my pleas, and to stay by my side.

Beloved Father, increase my strength, increase my endurance, and give me the perseverance necessary to stand up to the test. To enlighten my mind and grant me a lot of wisdom when making decisions, so that my actions can be a reflection of your love for others and be a reference that following in your footsteps is the only way to find the desired happiness.

Thank you, adored Father, because I know that you will grant me a very useful day. Thank you because I face this day with many hopes and many illusions. Thank you because I trust that my goals will be fulfilled and that your blessing will fall on me. All this I ask in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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