Morning Prayer for January 17

Father of love, God of my life and my heart, this morning I want to give you the highest praise from my lips. I want to exalt your name and glorify you by thanking you for the beautiful detail that you have shared with me: the miracle of life. Now I am about to start the day full of your blessings and with great enthusiasm.

This morning I offer you all of me, my work, my studies, and the activities that I can do so that they are to your liking and to be able to obtain your favor. I raise my prayer with great confidence, hoping that you will grant me a day of great productivity. Oh, blessed God, may my actions this morning reflect the magnitude of your love.

My God, may my work be blessed by you to achieve the prosperity and abundance that I seek for my life. However, do not let the many blessings you shower on me make me lose the desire to continue praying and praising you. Stay by my side always, Holy Lord.

My Lord, if difficulties or obstacles that are difficult to overcome appear throughout the day, give me the peace of mind and the resistance to move forward. I know that I will be able to find the best solutions if I think calmly and consistently. Do not allow me to despair in adverse situations; remind me that you are always present in the moments when there is a storm.

Give the blessing to my family, my friends, and the people who are very important in my life. Increase their faith and allow them to be under your power. Do not allow them to get out of your way. Help them to overcome crises and anguish by being their refuge in moments of sadness.

My beloved Lord, become a necessity, make me want to always be with you, give me the desire to always pray, give me the certainty that I will never be alone and that you will not abandon me. Help me to understand that your work is being carried out and that your power is much greater towards me.

God blessed and adored Lord, may I overcome the trials that await me this morning, remove all dangers from outside from my path, and may the enemy not tempt me, and if he does, help me not to fall into temptation. My Lord, you know everything about me and that is why I ask you to take my weaknesses to strengthen them as the days go by.

Renew my strength and give me a lot of resistance to withstand the blows of adversity. Help me to trust your promises, your Holy Word, and feed us with your love. Help us to know you better. May the eyes of my heart open to see the richness of your heritage and how incomparable your love is.

My God, I trust that my prayer is being heard and that the day will have a smooth and blessed course. Stay close, beloved Father, because I will need you at all times. All this I ask in the mighty name of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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