Morning Prayer for January 18

Adored Father, a new day begins and I open my eyes to contemplate what you have for me. My heart fills with joy knowing that you allowed me to enjoy one more day accompanied by the people I love the most. Thank you, because from early on I could feel your love enveloping my life. Thank you for being that faithful friend who never fails, and now I am about to start the day in the best way.

I want you to help me enjoy every moment, to take advantage of the moments we have on earth because time does not return. Help me, good God, to understand that there is a plan with my name that is being carried out and that I am an important thread in a beautiful loom. Blessed Lord, thank you because this morning I am healthy and because I can carry out my daily activities normally.

This morning I want you to remove all evil from the enemy. I ask you for the world and for people who do not know you. Pour out your mercy on them and restore the hope they may have lost. Do not allow the world to fall into despair and fear. Be the person who can become the center of their lives so that the world radically changes its course.

My beloved Lord, make my faith be in you at all times. May I recognize that all the blessings that I have in my life come from your hand and that, if it is your will, I will have an excellent day. Thank you for the strength you give me to do my job. Thank you for the intelligence I have to solve the tests. Thank you because you put the right people in my path to make me a much better person.

Thank you, Father, because you placed a plate of food on my table to share. Thank you because you do not allow my family to go through a great need and because we always forgive each other at the moment of some misunderstanding.

Heal my heart. Heal it from the wounds it may have had, heal it from bad feelings, heal it from the blows it has received due to different circumstances. Surround it with your love and remove all envy, all suspicion, and all resentment that it may have accumulated. May my heart be an instrument for your praise. Purify it and give it a new fire within it.

May your presence accompany me throughout my journey. May you be the one who can remove the stones that come my way throughout my journey. May you carry my sorrows when I can no longer. May your voice be a motive to move on, and that is a guide to find what I most long for.

God of wisdom, place in my mind thoughts of good that can give solutions and in my mouth words to give encouragement, clarify messages and express love. May this morning be of great benefit to me. May my dreams come true and I will be able to contemplate your magnificent power.

My good Lord, my heart thanks you for this wonderful day. I trust that your presence will always be by my side and that my prayers are being heard. Thank you, I am certain that your wonderful eyes will not leave me and your protective arm will prevent me from tripping. All this I ask of you under the intercession of your beloved son, Jesus. Amen.

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