Morning Prayer for January 19

Heavenly Father, I open my eyes to this new sunrise and I want to thank you for your immense goodness and your infinite love. I am grateful that you give me many blessings and on this day that is about to begin, I want to put everything under your feet so that you have everything and so that you are the center of my attention.

Dear God, may your presence stay with me at all times. I need you to be able to live calmly and in peace without anything that torments me. I want to make the most of every good and bad moment that the day may have and get a lesson from everything that allows me to grow.

I want to thank you for the health you grant to the people I love and for the health you grant to my family. Blessed Lord, may all they do be in your Holy Name, may their actions be blessed and guided by your shining light, may their hearts praise you every sunrise and thank you for all the good you do in them.

Protect us, Lord, and give us what we need to live without going through hard times. Keep us united and in constant prayer, to be able to face together the problems that may arise in our family, that our love and affection are the main reasons to recognize your greatness in our home.

Walk by my side throughout the day, stay by my side in the moments where I need you most, that my faith does not wane and that it remains firm. Make me a good servant of yours so that my actions please you and so that I can live according to your commandments. Give me this day, my Lord.

This morning I ask you for the sadness that this world experiences, for the hopelessness that exists in some places, so that you help love to flourish in their hearts and that they can return to the path that you have for them. Beloved Father, have mercy on this world that is getting further and further away from you.

May my heart have a new birth, may every stain be removed from its interior, and may you become a much better person than yesterday. Give me the humility to be able to help my brother and the patience to know how to understand him; that the routine, nor the daily activities, make me forget that my main function on earth is to give love.

Give me the wisdom and temperance to be able to solve the problems that arise. Do not allow me to cower in front of men. Give me the courage to know that you are my God and, with you, I will be able to achieve everything.

Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing me to see this new day, that everything I do today is according to what you want. Put into your hands the care of my activities and my family, remove all evil from my path, and give me a new heart to conquer this morning that is beginning. All this I ask of you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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