Morning Prayer for January 20

Blessed are you, wonderful and omnipotent God because you have a new day for me. Thank you because I can wake up enjoying my health next to you. Thank you because you give my family the happiness of waking up well and being able to enjoy a day full of many joys.

Today I dispose of my heart to you, that the day may be full of brotherhood, union, and peace. May my heart always carry a message of love and may my life reflect your grace and goodness. Stay by my side on the path that I can undertake and take care of the destinations that I have to reach.

Thank you, dear Lord, because I am certain that you designed this day for me because you will grant me many benefits if I can do my best. This morning, Holy Father, I ask that your blessings fall on me, but in proportion to my sacrifice. I want to get through the tests by putting everything on my side and leaving the will to you.

Blessed Lord, help me to have much more humility to be able to recognize my mistakes and accept that I can make mistakes and make my brothers feel bad. Give me the good sense to analyze myself and thus recognize what my weaknesses are and what aspects of my life I should improve. I know that with your help, I can become an instrument of love for you.

Help me to forgive, not to hold resentment or suspicion because my heart can be loaded with negative feelings and that does not help to build my soul. As strong as my brother’s offense may have been, help me to know how to forgive, to see situations with your eyes, and to overcome that pride that hurts me so much.

Make me improve as the days go by, correct my mistakes, and give me the wisdom to know how to correct the things I did wrong. I want to live each morning with a renewed heart, with my soul clean, and with a desire to serve others. May my attitudes be testimony that I know you and that you are present in my life.

The Eternal God I have many reasons to bless and praise you on this day, but the main one is the love of my family. Thank you for granting us the health we need. Thank you for the home that protects us. Through prayer and your word, you help us get to know you. Thank you because you do everything for us.

You are a merciful, blessed Lord, and I thank you because you always listen to my prayers and because I have faith that you consider what I ask and will grant it to me when you see fit. Restore everything that has been wearing thin: renew my faith, my spirit, and my desire to continue on the path of salvation.

Father of goodness, stay with me at all times. Protect my life, take care of my steps and the steps of my family. Protect me from all evils that may come my way, and grant me a day full of favors. Now I am about to start the day, Holy Father. All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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