Morning Prayer for January 21

Divine Lord of goodness, the sun begins to rise and the birds sweeten the morning with their songs, so I am about to start the day giving you glory and honor. Beautiful God, thank you because I wake up well and my body can stand up to start the daily tasks. My God, thank you for always filling my life with your blessings.

Holy Father, this morning, I want to tell you that I accept you with a lot of love. I know that you will have better plans for this day than I do, and that is why I offer you all of me, all that I am, and all that I have. True God, I ask you to hear this prayer that I offer from the bottom of my soul.

My Lord, I thank you because I feel your presence from the beginning of the day. Your love surrounds me and fills me with happiness. I only have to live according to your plans and do my activities according to your will. Let me always please you and help me to keep my prayers constant.

Blessed Lord, give me a lot of patience and calm to accept your will if things do not go according to what I had planned. Do not allow me to fall into despair, nor to deny You. Give me the perseverance to keep trying to overcome tests and give me the strength I need when I no longer have mine. I trust completely in You, my Lord, and I know that You will always lead me in victory.

Stand before me, almighty God. Resist the adversities and complex moments that may arise along the way with me. Be my shield and the rock where I can lean. I have the full conviction that if you are by my side, nothing can make me fall, nothing can defeat me and everything will go better.

This morning, Father of Mercy, I want you to help me solve this problem that has been worrying me. Give me the wisdom to decide, to discern which options are the best to help me repair this crack in my life.

Lord, heal this disease, remove this financial debt that I have, remove people who want to harm me from my path, and eradicate pride and suspicion from my heart. You, blessed Father, is the God of the impossible. That is why I kneel before You so that with your hand I can achieve what I long for. Don’t leave my side for a moment, Lord.

For all the above, my precious Lord, I want to ask you to bless my work, to bless all the tasks that I do that are to support my home. Give me the necessary strength to continue on this day that you have given me. Give me the opportunity that my skills are productive to achieve the abundance and prosperity that I need for my life.

Thank you, God, for my life. Thank you because I know that the prayer that I pray for will be well received and that you will grant me a day full of many blessings. Please take care and protect my steps when walking. All this I ask in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, the only way of truth and love. Amen.

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