Morning Prayer for January 22

Beloved Father, my eyes are open this morning and my lips want to thank you for this beautiful gift. It is good to give you lances, cheers, and honors. Blessed be God, for great are your wonders, fantastic are your works, and innumerable are the blessings you have prepared for me.

Every day, I need your love, your peace, and your strength to face challenges. My Lord, walk by my side at all times, illuminate the dark parts of my life and wash with your precious blood all the stains that may appear in my heart.

This morning, I want to lay all my plans at your feet, so that you can have them available and so that you can help me specify them according to my needs. Blessed Lord, you know how great my efforts and sacrifices are, you know my desires and heart’s desires, so please grant me favor in these plans.

My good God, help me to grow spiritually. Grant me wisdom to be able to interpret your words and to understand what you need from me. I entrust myself to your power this morning. Holy Father, I completely abandon myself to You as a child abandons itself to its father.

Merciful Father, this morning I want to ask you for the people who do not know you, for those who are living a materialistic routine, for those who have forgotten that favor comes from God, and for those who have money as their main concern. Pour your mercy and your pity on them, so that they can reconsider and understand that the only salvation is to take the path of truth and love, which is You, Lord.

Bless my home, bless my family, do not allow us to go through great needs and help us to solve the problems that may appear in our house. If there is a misunderstanding, let it not take long for it to be resolved. Don’t take your hand away from our home, protect us and guide us on the right path.

This morning I ask you for good sense, prudence, and the ability to be able to live according to your mandates. Give me the privilege of being an important instrument that can carry the message of love and peace to the rest of the people who need you.

I don’t want to start the day without being in your presence. I do not want to do my activities without your permission. Lord, you are the owner of my whole life. You are the one who controls everything about me. May your holy will provide me with what I require, desire, and long for. Pour out your blessings on my life, on my home, on my work, and my studies. My Lord, wrap me in your love so that the evils of the world are separated from me.

Eternal Father, may everything that happens on this day be your will. Hold my hand and do not allow me to fall into the temptation of the enemy. I am sure that this day will be of great benefit to me and my family. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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