Morning Prayer for January 23

Thank you, blessed Lord, for the rest you gave me, and now I wake up with a lot of energy to face the tests that I may have today. My lips only want to praise and honor you, to know that you have encircled me in your love since the beginning.

My lord, nothing compares to you. You bestow thousands of blessings on me and the world, and you never abandon me or let any need go unmet. Thank you because you give me a job with which I can support my home and you bring me food to share in my house.

Thank you that I have a family that supports me and shows me love. Thank you because we were able to meet you and thus make you the center of our home. I beseech You, my Lord, that my actions this morning please You, that my family’s actions please You, and that you place your powerful hand on us to protect us from the evils that may exist in the world.

God of mercy, I ask you for mercy and compassion for people who start their day with some difficulty, with some illness, with some financial problem, with hopelessness, or with some very strong sadness. Be the refuge they need, be their comfort, repair the wounds in their heart and soul. Heal any ailments they may have. Blessed Lord, have compassion on the world.

Heavenly Father, walk by my side on this journey, enlighten my steps and led me on the path of truth to reach You. Do not allow me to fall into temptation nor think that my steps are false. Give me the determination and firmness that your children need to face the enemy and not fail the test.

Dear Lord, grant me the courage, the strength, the calm, and the stillness to make me wise and to be able to give solutions to the problems that may arise. I need to earn a lot of profit in my work center to achieve the prosperity and abundance that I am looking for.

Precious God, may your constant blessings not make me forget that You are the most important thing in my life. Make me recognize that I am nothing without You, that every day you draw my attention with your precious creation and that you manifest yourself in all the good that is around me.

Divine Lord, allow me to approach You daily and grant me the privilege of your company throughout this journey. Fill me with peace and victory, with joy and prosperity. Eternal Father, may I feel part of this beautiful plan that you have prepared.

I am about to start the day by placing my full trust in You. I ask you to listen to this prayer that comes from my noble heart, beloved Father. May this day be filled with your boundless generosity and abundance. All this I ask in the holy name of your Son, Jesus, and our Lord. Amen.

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