Morning Prayer for January 24

Merciful Father, a new sunrise begins. The sun’s rays come through my window, and I can contemplate, with great joy, that you will be with me all day. Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings that you put in my life and for the moments that you have planned for me today.

This morning, I put all my projects under your will. You are fully aware of the efforts and sacrifices I make to achieve prosperity and abundance. I ask that you take my actions into account and grant me your wonderful favor. Blessed God, the desires of my heart have your name impregnated and will only come true if it is your will.

Divine Creator, there is no one like you. Your fidelity is wonderful. Walk by my side, Holy Father, so that I do not fall into temptations and do not deviate from the path. Always lead me to victory and on the paths that are ideal for me. Remove all the evil that is outside my home and cleanse my heart of the stains that it may have. Help me to be a better servant today.

God of the universe, I want to give you my full attention throughout this morning. I want to know how to listen to your voice and recognize that you are around me at all times. Give me the joy of enjoying the day, of seeing the world with eyes of hope, and focusing my gaze on your love.

The beloved king of the universe, I want to take this morning to ask you for my family. Ask you for your labors and their lives, so that you can stay close to them and bless them. Don’t let them forget about you, and don’t let them go a day without thanking you for your kindness. Precious God, shower your blessings on my home, take care of it and protect it.

Clothe me with your goodness, increase my faith and rekindle the fire in my heart. Beloved Father, may this morning be very useful, and may my faith infect my brothers. May your soft voice inspire me to carry the message to all the places you want me to go.

Maybe I will do simple but good things this morning. May they be pleasing to your eyes. Help me to act with justice, humility, and wisdom, so that my actions bring well-being to the people around me and that they can reflect your love, dear Lord.

Merciful Lord, have compassion on the people who are far from your way, for those who chose the life of the world rather than live according to You, so that they can find their way back and be filled with your presence. I beg you for the world so that it does not fall into darkness or despair.Dear God, I will start my day with the full conviction that you heard my prayer. Lord, I offer you this little prayer from the bottom of my heart. Help me to live each day according to your mandates and designs, under your protection and guidance on the paths of truth. All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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