Morning Prayer for January 26

Father of goodness, you have been with me since before you saw me born, and today you gave me one more day of life. I thank you because I know that I am in your plans for today and I know that your favor will guide me along the paths that I should take. Thank you, because I’ve felt your sweet company since the sun began to enter my window.

Thank you blessed Lord, because now I will start my day, I am about to fulfill what you wanted for me. This morning I am very excited and hopeful because today I will have a new opportunity to face the problem that is afflicting me, and I know that I will be able to solve it if you are by my side.

This morning has been very profitable for me. Lord, I have the conviction that everything will go in my favor. Enlighten my thoughts, watch my steps, and firm up my decisions to achieve the prosperity that I seek on this day. I ask you for my work, for my studies, and for the activities that I carry out daily, so that you can pour out your blessing on them and that everything goes well.

Stay by my side throughout this morning, Lord. Get rid of me and all the evils that may be stalking me. Feed my soul and my heart. May my prayer be constant in every activity that I am going to do, always asking for your blessing. If you were not in my life, nothing would make sense.

Dear Lord, this morning I want to ask You for my family, I want to ask You to be present in their day, showering blessings on them, protecting them from all evil, and bringing them closer to You. Blessed Father, stay with them in every action they take, help them to improve in their weaknesses, and teach them to pray with much more fervor.

Help me to fill myself with You, to know You much more, and to be a reflection of Your love. Blessed Father, this morning I ask you for the people who have withdrawn from your presence, for those who are ruled by hopelessness and sadness, for those who are suffering wars or the pain of illness, so that you have compassion on them and that you grant them a little peace in these difficult moments.

Before starting the day, adored Father, I want to shower you with praise because you give me a lot every day and I want to stop asking you for a moment, to exalt and exalt you. My good God, you are forever blessed. Every knee will bow before your presence and may evil abandon the hearts of your children in the mighty name of Jesus.

My Lord, make my intentions the best, that all the people around me can feel your presence through my actions. Clothe me with You, good Father, deliver me from the temptations of the enemy and give me the strength to overcome trials. Grant me the good sense to live this day according to your mandates.

Precious Lord, I thank you because I know that my prayer is being heard and that I will have a very useful day. Surround me with love and grace, protect me from the enemy and take care of the steps I can take this morning. All this I ask of you under the intercession of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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