Morning Prayer for January 27

Lord of my life, I thank you because this morning gives me a new dawn. Precious God, your majesty is absolute and your wonders are unmatched. I come to thank you for the miracle of life, for the health with which I woke up, and for all the plans you have for me this morning.

Blessed Father, this morning I want You to be the one to guide my steps and to defend me from the evils that the world offers and from the dangers that may lie in wait for me. I ask you to keep me safe at all times, so that I can leave home and return safely, without any harm.

My Lord, do not let me fall into temptations. Come to me when I cry out to you. Defend me from my enemies and from every evil feeling that wants to take over my mind. Clean every space that is stained with sin, wrap me in your love and make me the bearer of your message of peace.

My God, I want to offer you all the actions that I have carried out this day so that they can please you and grant me your favor. Bless my workplace, my work, and the people who help me prosper and overcome adversity. Teach my soul to know how to forgive, share, and be more humble when giving a service.

God, the Almighty, and kind, I want to thank you for the food that you will put on my table. It is of great benefit to me and allows me to continue in your service, that my body is nourished to continue with your work. Thank you because I have a dress to cover me and a home where I can take refuge at the end of the day.

Lord my God, may everything that happens today be good, and may it be done under your will. Do not worry if things do not go the way I want, I am sure that everything will happen at the right time and for the right reasons. I know that you are taking care of my steps and walking with me, so as not to step on the wrong foot.

Beloved Father, I ask you to pour out your blessings on my home and my family, so that you watch over their steps and actions. Keep them out of the dangers that are in the world and shine in their minds so that they can make convenient decisions and not expose themselves to sin. Give them the strength to keep going despite any adversity.

May we hear your voice at all times, my good Lord. May we hear your voice to follow your commands. I ask that our prayer be heard and granted. Forgive us our sins and make us good people. Keep us in unity and under your grace, God.

I am about to start my journey. Holy Father, grant me your blessing and your grace until nightfall. My God, I will take your hand to start this beautiful day. Give me a lot of patience, a lot of calm, and wisdom to face the trials that await me. All this I ask in the holy name of your Son, our Lord, Jesus. Amen.

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