Morning Prayer for January 28

Blessed Father Thank you for always being there for me. This morning I want to praise you and bless you because you grant me a day full of you. Thank you because you allow my eyes to open and my lips to pronounce your name. Thank you because I know that your words will not fail. That is why I start the day with my confidence resting on You.

My precious Lord, I can contemplate with great joy this beautiful day, hoping that your favor will be for me entirely. I ask you to allow me to enjoy all the moments that I can live, that my plans can be realized and that my heart loves you more every day, O good Lord.

My God, I know that you will be present in everything I do today. I know that you will walk by my side and that you will not let go of my hand when I feel weak. Mighty Lord, I am convinced that if you are in my life, I have everything I need to be happy. Help me to overcome the tests that may be presented to me and to stand firm in the decisions that I will make.

This morning, Holy Father, make me see through your eyes, to show much more service to my brothers, to feel empathy and solidarity for those who need it. Make the people around me know you through me, that my life be a testimony of your word and, every day, help me to improve.

Lord, you know that I have many plans, many projects, and many desires to carry out and that I need to achieve. In this new dawn, I want you to direct the steps that I will take and for you to choose the paths that I will follow. My heart cries out for you to lead me in victory and for your spirit to descend on me, protecting me from all evil.

Father God, pour out your mercy and goodness on my home. Protect all the lives of my family members and grant them a day full of favor. May today be a day of joy and praise to your name; keep us united and in constant prayer so that you may bless our daily activities.

Thank you for your work. Because you keep us safe from all evil, because we have a plate of food to share and because we always support each other to get out of difficulties. Blessed God, thank you because my family knows You, because they want to please You with their actions and because they seek, day by day, to get closer to You.

My God, I know that my prayers are heard and I don’t want to start the day without you. I ask you that you can guide my steps, illuminate my path and that I can arrive safely at the destinations that I have to reach. Lord of my heart, clothe me with your love and your peace so that I can be a spokesperson for You.

Thank you, my Lord, because I know that this day will unfold according to your will. Thank you because I know that your protection is over me and because your hand will hold mine in the face of all adversity. Oh good Lord, may your light shine for me. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, your only Son. Amen.

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