Morning Prayer for January 29

Blessed Lord, this morning I want to thank you because I can wake up once more. Thank you because you have the gift of giving me life and because you show me your love for everything that surrounds me. My God, I do not want the morning to start without your presence being with me. Fill my life with blessings and allow me to enjoy this day and live it according to your mandates.

My God, this morning I ask you to grant me fighting spirit and courage, to give me the push to go forward and continue on this difficult path. Lord, do not allow me to lose heart if my plans are not fulfilled at the moment I wish, but may you help me to understand that it is all part of a purpose and that my trust must restfully upon You.

This morning, blessed God, I want to ask You for my family, for my parents, for my brothers, for my husband or wife, for my children, and for all those who occupy an important place in my heart, so that you take them into account and that you are always aware of their needs.

Dear Lord, place your blessed and holy hand on my house and protect us from the enemy’s intentions and the dangers that may arise during the day. Help us to solve the problems between us and to overcome the difficulties that appear in the center of our house.

May the resentments, misunderstandings, and offenses that have been given be overcome by the love we have for each other and by the forgiveness that comes from You. Oh my God, may we remember that love and unity are the most important things for our family.

My Lord, give me a renewed spirit, full of humility and empathy. Help me to see others as you see them. Help me to serve, to share, and to love. God of mercy, please take away all evil and all feelings that do not come from you this morning. Teach me to forgive and understand my brothers. Feed my soul with your word and increase my faith so that my prayers are answered at all times.

Give me the patience and calm to understand that everything will be done at the time that you decide. Help me, blessed God, to understand that I can propose many things, but only You can dispose of them. Give me good judgment in my mind so that I can carry the day in the best way possible.

I am fully convinced that today I will have a very good day. Many of my problems will be fixed, and they will find a solution. Many of my plans will be carried out, and I will be able to enjoy many moments with the people I love the most.God of love, may this day be of great benefit to me. May what I have planned crystallize, may my prayer be heard, and may I obtain your favor. Blessed Lord, do not turn away from me throughout this journey that begins. Take care of me and take care of mine. All this I ask in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, the only truth and life, Amen.

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