Morning Prayer for January 30

Dear Lord, today I stand before You, filled with much joy and gratitude. This morning I want to thank you for the rest you gave me. Thank you because my body was able to rest and thus have the energy to start today. Thank you because you preserve my health and because you also provide health to my family so that we can share moments of brotherhood and love.

Blessed Father, allow me to have a day free of doubts, fears, and worries. May I soak in you to face the challenges that lie ahead. Give me the courage and strength, Almighty God, to emerge gracefully from the battles that I fight and grant me much calm and perseverance to resist on the narrow path, which is your path, Lord.

Bless the day that is about to begin, Holy Father, give me your guidance, your light, and your advice so that I can make good decisions and that they bring me closer to You, to your grace. Let your spirit descend on me and my home to keep us away from disturbances that the enemy may cause.

Help me keep the faith and live this day with hope. May your powerful hand, Holy Lord, be able to grant me the favor and prosperity that I am working for. Things go very well in my studies and in every daily activity that I have. My Lord, may my work serve as sustenance for my home, and may I always carry the food that will allow me to nourish myself and have the strength to start over.

Your word becomes a necessity every moment. Your word feeds my soul and your presence cheers my heart. Let this day be very productive for me, so that I can reflect on your love and that I can be the messenger that takes your word to the people who need you. My trust is that it will be so. My Lord, I believe that you will do everything in the best way.

On the other hand, if the day is full of difficulties, help me trust You more. Give me the intelligence to face my problems and not go into despair. Teach me to thank You even in difficulty, to understand that everything comes from You and that I would have nothing, if not for your Holy will.

Heavenly Father, I want to live this day and offer it completely to you. This morning I want to recognize myself as your servant. I want to learn to give myself to others and understand that I am much more useful when I give myself to service.

My Lord, allow me to be humble, to teach what I can know, to support those who need it, to know how to act and to please You and not people. Bring me close to your presence and do not allow me to fall into temptation.

May your presence be the one who shines inside my heart and reflects outwards. Blessed Father, may my faith never fade, and may I be in your presence at all times. Watch my steps as I walk and accompany me for the rest of the day. All this I ask in the mighty name of your Son, Jesus, Amen.

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