Morning Prayer for January 31

Precious Lord, the sunlight comes through my window and announces that a new day has arrived. Thank you for allowing me to wake up and enjoy a new day under your mandate. My Lord, now I am about to start the morning in the best way possible, putting all my effort into the actions that I carry out.

Blessed Father, this morning I want to begin this prayer by asking you for the world, for the adults, youth, and children who are going through times of great sorrow. Lord, I ask you to give them a little light in this much darkness, to give them that hope that they could lose, and to give them the strength so that they can continue in the perseverance of your ways.

Dear God, may these people find the peace they seek, the love they cannot feel, and the fire that has been extinguished in their souls. May this day be very profitable and productive. Let them try to get close to You and look for You with great desperation. Blessed Father, don’t let the world fall into the hands of the enemy.

Lord, I also want to ask you for my family, for the day we are going to start, for all the projects we have in mind, and for the problems that we have yet to solve. My good God, keep us together, united, and in constant prayer. May our hearts be clean by your grace and by your forgiveness, to achieve the salvation that we long for.

My Lord of the universe, bless our jobs, our labor, and our daily activities. Protect our home and take care of the steps we take along the way. Enlighten our minds to decide the best options that bring favor to our lives. Do not allow us to go through our needs. Do not stop placing bread on our table and clothing on our bodies.

Give me the strength to face life’s vicissitudes, the courage to put aside my fears and take on new projects while holding your hand. My good God, I want you to grant me many moments of joy to share with the beings I most desire.

I ask You because of the problem I am going through, because of the physical discomfort, or because of the financial debt, to comfort me in You and to find refuge in times of storm. Blessed Lord, sow your word in me so that everything goes according to your wishes. Life’s problems are nothing compared to your power.

Dear Father, now I am about to start the day and enjoy it in the best way. I ask that you be by my side at every moment, lighting my steps and guiding me on the path of righteousness and truth. Dear God, may this day be very profitable for me.

Thank you, my Lord, because I know that my prayer is being heard, that you will grant me a day full of happiness, peace, and productivity. Stay by my side throughout this day. All this I ask in the mighty name of your Son, Jesus. Amen

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