Morning Prayer for January 2

God of infinite love, today I wake up and prostrate myself before your presence to thank you for the new day that begins. This morning, I want to ask you for my life, for the life of my family, so that you fill them with your holy spirit. Stay with me throughout this day, taking away all the fear, anguish, and worry to have a start to the day with great enthusiasm for You.

Dear Father, may this day be a day of much learning, of many lessons, and of much discernment in order to improve as a person, as a servant, as a member of a family, and as your child. From the privacy of my room, I raise my prayer to obtain from You, peace, wisdom, and strength on this day.

Give me the opportunity to look at this day with a lot of love, patience, and with a lot of kindness. Do not let me hear backbiting or malicious thoughts that may affect me. Remove from me all feelings of envy, suspicion, and resentment, may my heart be filled with humility and kindness so that my actions may be well-intentioned and make your presence felt to my neighbors.

Guide my steps along your paths of truth, may your presence be the light that illuminates my morning, and may your will be the one that prevails in all my decisions. Bless my lips so that they bear witness to your love and give me obedience to follow your mandates and designs and thus avoid falling into the temptations of the enemy.

Dear Father, this morning I want to ask You for my family, to give us a good start to the day and to prevent us from falling into sin. May our words, thoughts and commands be the essential foundation in the center of my home that you can clarify all the doubts and all my concerns that make it difficult for me to serve with all my heart.

Bless me, beloved Father, guide me on the right path, and defend me from all danger and evil. Cover me with your mighty cloak and may it become the shield I need against adversity. In You I put my trust, in You I put my certainty, I tell You the projects I have in mind and I only want to go to You.

I ask for your mercy, blessed Lord, for people who still do not know You, for those who live far from You, and for those who have changed the course of their lives. Do not allow them to stray and try to walk without your grace. May their minds and hearts understand that you are the only destination they must reach and that, only by placing their trust in God, things will take shape in their favor.

Let me know you much more, Father God, may my life be a testimony of your love, and may I experience moments of great closeness to your grace. Grant me the happiness of returning with a little food to share and with sustenance for my home, lend me health to continue working, to continue studying, and to continue in your service.

Thank you again for this opportunity that I have by your side, thank you for the moments that will come and the people with whom I will share. Give me a day full of joy and satiety, removing all evil from me. All this I ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Amen.

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