Morning Prayer for February 2

Dear Lord, Thank you for this morning because you gave me the miracle of life. Thank you for your abundant blessings. And thank you because you placed before my eyes a day full of challenges with the promise that I will achieve everything I propose if I continue on your road.

God of my life, it is good to dedicate praise and glory to your Holy Name, to say that you are the only God and Lord of the Earth, to recognize you as my endless source of love. Lord, this morning, Lord, I no longer want to ask you but to praise and glorify you. May you take charge of my life, and may you guide my steps on this new day.

Thank you Divine Lord, because since the day began I have felt full of your love. Thank you because I have a place to rest, food to share, and clothes to wear. Thank you because you put people in the middle of the way who will make me improve as your servant and who will gladden my soul.

Merciful Father, I ask you for my family, so that they can have a day of great peace and tranquility. Do not let evil take over their hearts; keep an eye on them and protect them from any evil that may appear. Give them health in the face of illness and help them to get out of the adverse situations that may be tormenting them.

Let us get closer to You and get to know You through your words. Give us the joy of learning to pray and to communicate with you daily. My Lord, protect us and take care of us on this day that begins. Please do not allow us to separate from your side.

Dear Father, I want to ask you for all the people who start the day and who do not know you. Allow them to have a profitable day and let them know that, through some sign, they can have a meeting with you. You are the Lord of Lords, and you deserve all the honor in the world.

This morning I put everything I have at your disposal. I put all my plans and all my projects at your disposal so that you can make them come true. My Lord, you are a witness to my effort and my perseverance, and you know how hard I have been working to achieve abundance in my businesses. I ask you to take into consideration everything that I mentioned in my prayer and give me your favor.

Help me understand that everything doesn’t necessarily have to turn out the way I want it to. Everything I have and what I will have comes from your hand, and if I do not get it, it is because I do not need it or because it is not yet time for me to get it. I can only ask you that on this day, your protective hand does not leave my life and that you preserve me well.

My beautiful God, I offer this humble prayer in the hope that it will be heard in heaven. Grant me a very profitable day. Grant me your favor, Eternal Father. I need you by my side because I can’t explain my life if you’re not there. All this I ask of you under the intercession of your Son, Jesus. Amen.

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