Morning Prayer for February 4

Wonderful Father of heaven, this new sunrise, I want to thank you for the miracle of life. Thank you because you allow the air to enter my lungs and because you give me the breath of life. Thank you for this new opportunity to be able to do better things than the day before. Thank you for this new morning, Lord.

God of the universe, I ask that this morning be very useful, that I may be in good health, and that my daily activities be very productive. Lord, I ask you that I may have success in my plans for today. Grant me the grace to have abundance in businesses that generate a good economy for me to sustain my home. Help me make the decisions that are most appropriate for what I am looking for.

My Lord, guide my steps and do not let me fall into the temptations of the enemy. Be my shield in the face of adversity and the problems that I may go through. Holy Father, give me the certainty that, even when the day turns stormy, you will always be with me. Almighty Lord, hear my prayer and become the friend I waited for this morning.

I want to ask you for my family, for their lives, for their service, for the union in which we support each other, and for the love between us. My Lord, give me the happiness of being able to enjoy this day with them and, if they are far away, that I can communicate with them and have them always present. Holy God, grant them good health for today and bless the steps they can take.

I have to thank you, blessed Father, because I know that there will be food to share, clothes to wear, and a lot of understanding between us. God of mercy, I ask for your compassion if at some point we deviate from the path and choose to let ourselves be carried away by the evil feelings of the enemy. Give us the wisdom to eradicate those moments from our walk.

Blessed Father, make my prayer stronger and stronger so that I can get closer to You to know You better. Let me ask you to pray for my neighbor, my brothers who have wronged me, the people who stand in my way of putting me through the trials, and those who make life difficult.

Open their hearts and make them understand that there are always ways to change their lives, that there are always reasons to seek God, and that we are always called to return to your home. Lord, I ask you to cleanse their hearts so that they may become people of good and many services.

Grant me a day full of joy, where there is no room for discouragement and sadness. I ask you to take into consideration the plans I have and help me to direct them to crystallize them. Today, I demand that you not leave my side until I receive what you promised. Almighty Lord, give me the grace to continue forward, persevering on your path with the courage that you give me every day.

Father of goodness, may everything be done according to your will. May your hand be there to protect me from any disturbance and evil that may exist outside. Give me firmness and perseverance when doing my work. All this I ask of you under the intercession of your Son, Jesus, the only truth and love, Amen.

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