Morning Prayer for April 2

Beloved Lord, today I am here before you on this day that has just begun, to glorify your name and your works, to thank you for each one of your countless blessings and ask that on this day you do not let go of my hand, because I need you as I need you every day.

I thank you, my God because you provide me with everything and protect me from everything. Heavenly Father, you have given me the gift of life, and with it the happiness of having a family, whom I love with all my heart. Thank you for having allowed us to wake up together today, because until today you have delivered us from painful illnesses, and if we have ever fallen, you have known how to deliver us from death.

Thank you, merciful Lord, because food is never lacking on my table because the dwelling is my daily protection from cold or heat. Thank you, Father, because you have not let me perish, and because when I have asked in sincere prayer, you have granted me too much.

You are a loving father. You take care of me and protect me and my family every day until today. You have shown us your faithfulness and your fatherly love. You do not let us go in the storms, Lord. You keep us by your side, as firm foundations. My God, every day you give me trials and challenges. Some of them are difficult to face, but you, my God, never give me obstacles without first knowing my ability to face them. Your plan for life is perfect, Lord.

Beloved Lord, you who fill me with blessings, this morning I do not want more than what is necessary; food, housing, everything that you can give me. Father, I always ask you most humbly, so that it is your will that decides whether or not to give me what I ask for.

We live in difficult times. Holy Father, evil is taking over the world by leaps and bounds. My faith has not been broken, but I need you, and I pray for protection and security for my family and for those who need it. Bless us, Father, with your immense power.

On this day, Holy Father, may I perform effectively in my work, may I be of service to my community, and may I bring a word of encouragement to those who need it.

Your miraculous hands lay them on those who have ailments and illnesses. Give them healing, Lord, calm their sorrows and give them hope. May their faith not be lost among so much medicine. For those who have been forced to leave their families to seek a better future, keep them from the perdition of the streets, from easy money, deliver them from evil Beloved Lord, so they can fulfill their goals without harming others.

Help me, Father, to be patient with my brothers, to understand their needs and problems; do not let me fall into ignorance and be carried away by what the media says; help me to have my judgment, to give my smile rather than my criticism; help me, Father, to put myself in the shoes of others before making an unfounded judgment. I implore you, Lord, to guide me so that, despite the danger, I can return home safely today to be reunited with my family.

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