Morning Prayer for February 5

Thank you, blessed Father, for this new day that you have bestowed upon me. Stay by my side, giving me the possibility of triumph in all the tests that come my way. Give me clarity, good sense, and skill to perform in my work center, to produce things of value both material and spiritual and thus achieve the abundance that I seek to support my home.

My good God, from early on, I sought you to obtain your forgiveness and your grace. I ask you to put your hand on my home and protect it from all evil. I long for you more and more. You are my help and my inexhaustible source of love. This morning, I want to enjoy myself in your presence and walk under the shadows of your wings. My soul is attached to You, Holy God because your virtuous hand leads me in victory always.

Precious Lord, this morning I want to ask you for my family. Thank you because you allow us one more day together because you give us the grace to have a roof where we can meet and food to share. Thank you for the clothing we wear to cover ourselves and for the work we do to support our family.

Help us to know how to recognize your voice among the voices of the world. I want you to be the landscape around me and to understand that If I have you in my life, nothing will be missing. May we lose our breath giving you multiple prayers at every moment. Become my best compliment, Oh my Lord.

This morning, I know who heals the wounds that I have in my soul. He comes to heal the physical illnesses that I have and to recover from the discouragement and depression that I may have. Wonderful Lord, stay with me. I am faithful and godly. My God, answer my prayer when I need you the most.

Dear Lord, I want you to manifest yourself in every moment of satisfaction that I have to live. Give me the grace to rejoice by your side and by the side of the people I love the most. May my path be cleansed of evils, and may you keep me on your path. Give me the possibility to achieve the plans that I have in my mind, God the Father.

Give me the privilege of being able to meet You, I want my prayer to bring me closer to You and to be able to experience up close the immense love you have for me and the whole world. Pour your spirit of peace over my home, make my lips proclaim how beautiful you are and the salvation you bring to everyone’s life.

I will not start the morning without asking that your spirit falls on me. Come cleanse my heart from the stains of sin and free my soul from the chains of evil. My Lord, take control of my whole day and all the actions that I am going to perform. Allow me to act according to your request and enlighten my mind to act with wisdom.

Thank you, my Lord, because I know that my prayer is being heard and that you will give me the grace to have everything I need. My God, now I am about to start the day with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Walk close to me with every step I can take. All this I ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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