Morning Prayer for February 6

You are always close to me, Lord of my Life. Every morning is a new reason to thank you for the miracle of life. Thank you because I can wake up with great joy. Thank you because you allowed me to rest and replenish the energy I wanted. Now I am about to start living this new opportunity that you granted me with the hope that everything will turn out very well if you are on my side.

Good God, you are the most important person in my life. Thank you for this new awakening. Thank you for making my faith increase daily and because, every day, you fan the fire in my heart. My Lord, may I be able to take advantage of all the moments you have for me. I want to love, serve, and fight as you want me to. Blessed God.

Heavenly Father, my heart is full of You. When I open my eyes, I can contemplate that you did everything to make me fall in love and to get my attention. May this day be filled with peace, your blessings, and your lessons. I’d like to share my dreams with you so that you can do your will in each one. Lord, stay with me this beautiful morning.

My Lord, today I want to praise you, bless you and adore you. I love you with all my strength and I want to do simple things that may please you. Give me the possibility to bring a message of love and hope to those who are in need of You. Help me to make them know you. I do not want to fail. Blessed Father, clothe me in your love and fill me with your presence so that I can be a reflection of you to others.

Thank you, Most High God, for allowing me to spend this day with my family. Thank you because, from our union and love, I can feel that you are close to our home. Blessed Father, do not abandon us at any time, so that we can have a plate of food to share, that our problems can be solved without risk, and if there are problems that we go through, that we have the ability to continue together, enduring adversity and giving each other courage to continue ahead.

My Lord, I thank you because in them I can find the strength that I need not lose heart. I can find the motivation to improve, to work, and to continue persevering on the path. Blessed God, thank you for not removing the protection from my home or the hearts of my family members.

Today I put everything I have in mind under your care, at your disposal. What he has to receive, he does by thanking you and accepting your will. Lord, I want to achieve my purposes, but being with you at all times, may your favor guide me to fulfill what you want for me.

Merciful Father, this morning I asked that your love change me and restore me. Enlight my steps and lead me on the right path. I give you all my time and all of me. Make me an instrument of your love and so that I can talk about you to the people around me. Many more people can meet you and know that you are the only happiness they seek and will be able to find.

My good Lord, allow me to live this day to the fullest, to take advantage of every moment with the prudence and good sense of a child of yours. Help me to decide well and to take actions that can bring me a little closer to You. Give me your voice, your breath, and give me the path that I must follow. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, the only truth and life. Amen.

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