Morning Prayer for February 7

Divine Lord, I want to thank You for granting me one more day of life. Thank you because you give me the possibility to conclude many plans and because you give me the health to carry out my daily activities. Thank you, Lord, because I have the conviction that you will be with me in every step I take.

Almighty God, I want to praise you more and more with each day that begins. I want to exalt your name for all the beauty you bring into my life and adore you because there is no name above yours. May your kingdom descend upon each of your children and allow us to contemplate the majesty of your power.

My Lord, this day I come to beg You to grant me your favor on this day so that I can take advantage of each of the opportunities that will be presented to me to fulfill my wishes. Mighty Lord, give me a fighting spirit to continue fighting my battles. Do not allow me to decline at any time, and if I do, be my strength to rise again and again.

Lord of my life, I feel ready to solve the problem that has plagued me for a long time. I will put all my trust in You to help me give meaning to my life. If there is an economic problem, if there is an illness or bad news, I ask you to be the place where I can comfort myself and where I can obtain the strength to resist moments of anguish.

Guide me, guide me and enlighten me on this day. Do not allow me to get away from you. That my prayers are given at all times to get closer to me. Avert the evils of the enemy and protect me from the dangers that may exist outside, O blessed God.

Blessed Lord, thank you for being aware of my prayers. Thank you for listening to my pleas and prayers. Thank you for speaking to me through the people you placed in my path. Thank you because I can recognize you in people in need of affection, resources, and mercy. My good Lord, give me moments of humility and empathy to feel what my brothers feel and to give them the attention they need.

Allow me to get closer to You every morning, to know You through your word and my prayers. Merciful Father, I ask you not to leave this world without shelter that is losing itself in darkness every day. Be a light for those who are lost in the dark and be a new horizon for those who have lost their way.

Give them a day full of hope, to seek a new and different life. Dear Father, pour out your healing spirit on them because they need your help, they need your mercy, and your love. May this morning be different for everyone and may they feel your presence that wants to rescue them.

I am about to start my day with great enthusiasm, with a great desire to do things well and with the confidence that you hear my prayer. Give me a day full of profit where I can act according to what you want and all the wishes I have come true one by one. All this I ask of you in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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