Morning Prayer for February 8

Father of my love, thank you. I want to give you this morning because you allow me to share one more day with the people I love the most. Thank you, because I can stand up today, after the rest you gave me, and start the day in the best way possible, with a lot of encouragement and a desire to conclude all the plans that I had in mind and could not do yesterday.

I want to thank you in a very special way because many situations in my life have changed for the better, and those that have yet to improve, you promised that they will. Blessed Father, give me a soul full of humility and service to give much more than I can receive.

Almighty Lord, I have the certainty that nothing and no one will be able to defeat me when you are in charge of everything that becomes a necessity for me and my home. Fill me with your peace in times of despair and feed me every day with your spirit.

On this beautiful day, I want to beg you for my family, for those family problems that we cannot solve, or for that illness that some member of our household is going through. I ask you to place your holy and powerful hand on each one of us and heal the ills of our soul, keep us united, and give us great hope that everything will turn out very well if you are on our side.

Blessed God, the only truth we must seek is you. The only path we must follow is You. Give us the courage to continue and persevere, and teach us to pray with greater fervor and with greater constancy so as not to be exposed to the evils of the world. Lord, may we always be grateful for what you show us.

My God, pour out your holy spirit on my heart, filling me with your peace and your joy. May your strength envelop me so that I can feel the security of your victory in every project I have in mind. Do not let me forget about you, or let me walk outside your shadow. Stay close to me when moments of anguish and pain appear.

Wonderful Lord, I know that the day will have many difficulties and obstacles, and perhaps, the plans that I have will not go as I hope. Allow me to be patient and not despair. Help me to continue trusting You and to believe in the promises of your lips. Lord, I want to know how to serve you and how to love you.

Lord, grant me the privilege of being the bearer of your message so that the people around me may know you through my testimony and my life. Get closer to them and allow me to show how wonderful you are. May my faith infect many more. Bless God.

Heavenly Father, allow me to have a day full of love and your blessings. Give me the good sense to know how to live it and be able to enjoy it. Give me the strength and courage to face trials and rejoice in your love. All this I ask of you under the intercession of Jesus, your Son. Amen.

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