Morning Prayer for February 9

My good Lord, the day begins again and I am filled with joy knowing that I wake up under your watchful eye. Thank you for all the beauty that you created for me and placed before my eyes. Thank you because I feel that you keep me in good health and allow me to live one more day with all the people who are important to me.

Thank you, Holy Father, because it is very beautiful to wake up and recognize that you do everything out of love for me. Thank you because I have a bed where I can rest, a house where I can take refuge and share. Thank you to my relatives who motivate me to continue on this path, which often becomes difficult.

Blessed Lord of love, thank you for the rest that you allowed me to have. Thank you that my body was able to recover its energies and that my mind did not suffer any disturbance. Thank you that you stayed with me all night, preventing me from having dreams that bugged my mind. Now I feel completely renewed in energy and spirit and I am about to start another new day.

Lord of heaven, this morning I want to stop and ask you about my work, my work center, and my coworkers. Use my hands and my skills to achieve the abundance and success I need. Blessed God, You have observed how hard I work and how much I sacrifice to achieve my wishes, so this morning I ask your favor. Illuminate my mind with the lucidity necessary to contribute to the production of my business.

I also want to take this opportunity to ask you for my family, for their lives, for their hearts and for the activities that they have to do. I ask you to be with them at all times, through good and bad, in their joys and their distress. My Lord, be a refuge for their hearts when affliction overtakes them, and be the main reason for their happiness and the first person they should thank when there are joyful moments.

Always guide us and take care of the steps that we will take. Don’t allow us to stumble and, if we fail, may I always be close to You, Holy Father. Give us much more humility to recognize You as the Almighty Lord and help you serve the people in need of You. Lord, grant us much solidarity and empathy for our fellow man.

Blessed God of the entire universe, Holy and incomparable, pour out your blessings on people who do not know You and on those who are separated from You. Give them the chance to find their way back to your home and be filled with happiness by saving their souls.

Help me to recognize that I am still weak, that I still need to develop and improve as your servant. Give me the humility to know how to accept my mistakes, how to apologize, and most importantly, how to forgive.

Allow me to enjoy this day. I want to savor all the moments that you give me, because it is a great joy to know that you give me everything by hand. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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