Morning Prayer for February 10

Father of Eternity, your radiant sun is visible in the sky, signaling the start of another day for me. I thank you because you made me wake up enjoying health and with a heart full of desire to do things much better than yesterday. Lord, I am about to start living this gift, always following your mandates.

My good Lord, this morning I want to praise and bless you. Thank you because your goodness and love are infinite. I am aware that not everyone receives this blessing, and for that, I am completely grateful to you. All glory and praise be to You, always, at all times and places.

Dear Father, thank you because you fill my life with many blessings. Thank you because, despite the difficulties and storms, I can feel you with me, very close. Thank you, Lord, because I have a need to seek you every moment and because, without You, life would have no meaning.

Today I am preparing to carry out my activities with great happiness, with great encouragement, and joy, because I can feel your love in each of the details that you put on the ground, in the song of the birds, in the breeze on my face, in the love of mothers and labor of workers. In all those moments, you are present, my God, and I am pleased to know that, for your love, I am called your son.

Stay by my side for the rest of the day, divine Lord. Allow me to face my trials with the courage of your spirit and with your wisdom in my mind. When you are by my side, I feel no fear and I trust that I can achieve everything. Lord, guide my steps and walk with me so that you prevent me from tripping or losing the course I should take.

This day I want to put all my plans under your feet so that you have them according to the need you observe in me. I just want to sing to you, adore you, and praise you. May your work always be done. I will know how to accept your designs and your mandates. I will only do what corresponds to me at each moment and I will wait for your grace, good Lord.

If the circumstances are not favorable for me, if there are things that go wrong or not as I expected them, give me a lot of strength to accept and to understand that there is no reason to despair, that your times are perfect and that you will do everything at the right time. God bless you. Allow nothing to separate me from you; let no setback make me doubt your infinite love for me.

Feed me with your spirit and your word, and help me to grow as your servant and as a person in the eyes of others. Give me the humility to serve and the love to know how to forgive. Wonderful God, you have become the source of my joy and the motivation for my constant prayer.

I thank you again, blessed Father, for this day that you gave me. Now I am about to start it in the best way possible, accompanied by You. Allow me the opportunity for my actions to please you and my words to be filled with ideas of praise and thanks to you. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, our Lord, and your Son, Amen.

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