Morning Prayer for February 11

Blessed Lord, today I come before You to thank you for this new day that begins. When I open my eyes and breathe in your breath of life, nothing else can make me happy as you do. Lord, thank you because you gave me the health to start this new day and because you revived my heart to live this gift with great enthusiasm.

Praise be to you forever, my Lord. You do wonders before our eyes, and your presence floods us completely, making us feel like your children. This morning I just want to glorify and bless you, because only you are worthy of all honor and only you are worthy of being worshiped. My Lord, how good it is to wake up and praise your Holy Name.

Father of eternity, this morning I want to start by asking you for my brothers in the world, for the people who are starting their day with many difficulties: with illnesses, with problems at home, with difficult situations at work, or various moments that can cause them some spiritual malaise.

Be pious and merciful, God of goodness. Pour out your forgiveness and your peace on their lives and on their homes. Do not abandon them at any time and give them the peace to think and to find a good solution to the obstacle they have to overcome. Be their strength to keep moving forward and be their comfort when they need shelter. My Lord, may your mercy be abundant in the homes of all these people.

This day, I ask you to grant me the possibility of being a messenger of your love; of being able to have the exact words that can motivate the hearts of the people around me, that can understand the message of love that you want to give them, and encourage their soul and spirit so that they may seek you daily, O good Lord.

Blessed God, do not allow my heart to store feelings of hatred, suspicion, or envy. Allow me to serve others and learn how to forgive my neighbors’ transgressions. Almighty Lord, may your presence always be with me, at all times and in every step of my walk.

Most High God, I ask you to take care of and protect my loved ones, to take care of the hearts of my relatives, to always be with them in every step they take, in every activity they carry out, that you can place wisdom in their minds so that they can live with prudence and good sense in this world that is becoming more and more dangerous.

Remove from them all the evil that may exist, cover them with your powerful mantle, and hide them from the enemy’s intentions. Protect the paths they have to take and keep them healthy. My Lord, be the guardian of my home and the protector of my house.

Thank you, blessed Father, because I am convinced that today will be very useful for me. Thank you because I know that you hear my prayers and because you know of my needs. Give me the strength not to faint in the tests and help me to get out of all of them. I ask all this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, Lord and giver of life. Amen.

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