Morning Prayer for February 12

Beloved God, one more day accompanies us. I thank you because you grant me the miracle of life and because I can breathe your breath. Thank you because, in the same way, you bless my home, giving new dawn to each of my relatives. You took care of me all night and allowed me to have a restful sleep.

This morning, my good Lord, I want to place my entire trust in You. I know that the whole day will go well if you are present for it. My heart is filled with joy and joy that only wants to praise you and give you honor for this beautiful day that you put before my eyes. Help me to walk by your side, merciful Lord.

Father of kindness, may this morning be you who guide my path and lead me along the paths of victory. That I do not take a step without your coming and your favor being with me. For this day I ask you for much abundance and much joy, do not allow the enemy to harm me or tempt me.

This morning I want to start the day with a fighting spirit and with the courage to face all the difficulties that may come as a test. I am sure that things will go very well because my prayer will be heard up to heaven. Give me the possibility to understand the plans you have for me and be part of them.

King of the universe, omnipotent Father, help me understand what you want from me. Allow me to fight for my ideals, for my desires, and for my desires, do not allow me to fall into trials and, if I fall, help me to stand up and try again. Lord, I will achieve everything if I put your powerful name in front of everything.

Blessed God, do not leave my side on this day. Be with me at all times and protect the decisions I can make. May your joy rule in my heart and thus be able to become a testimony of your existence. So people can recognize your Holy Presence in me.

Beloved Lord, I will put everything at your disposal. I want to give you the best of me in every step and in every action. Help me to act sensibly, with love and service. Grant me the opportunity to bring the message of love to the people who need it most.

This morning, I also want to ask you about my family’s. My Lord, give them a very useful day, heal the ills they may have, and comfort the union from within our home. Remove the evil from our hearts and help us to pray with much more fervor, so that we can get closer to You, at every moment.

God of love, now I’m about to start the day. Give me the prudence to enjoy the moments that appear on this day, and allow me to learn everything you want to teach me. Blessed Lord, protect me with your sacred mantle and grant me a very profitable day in family, work, and spiritual matters. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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