Morning Prayer for December 2

God of love, today I kneel before you to thank you for the new day that you put in front of me. I completely believe that you are with me and that you will not leave me alone for the rest of the day. Thank you for the new awakening, now I will start a day full of hope and enthusiasm in the face of the tests that may come.

Heavenly Father, Lord of lords and King of kings, from my lips only words of glory and blessing come to You because I can only raise my praise in exchange for everything You do for me, Lord. I am not worthy of your grace, however, you give everything to me, you provide everything to me as I need, my God, and you do not know how grateful I feel for it, Lord.

Grant me the happiness of living a very productive day, Lord, with the purpose you have for me and make me enjoy every moment you have planned, that I enjoy with my friends and my family. Give me the happiness of taking advantage of all the moments and getting a lesson from each one of them.

Use me for the plan you have, God of love, may my word be that seed that I can sow in the heart of my neighbor, in the hearts of people who are estranged from You and who need to find their way back to your home. I put the best of me at your disposal, working with great faith and full of enthusiasm, Lord.

Look with mercy to this world that does not find the correct route. Fill their hearts with hope and enlighten their minds so that they can decide much better. I ask you for our authorities who are a guide and an important part of society so that they have the wisdom to lead their people along the ideal paths away from the corruption of evil.

Increase my faith in your word, Lord and make my prayer stronger. Allow me to get to know you more every day to take your name to the places you want, to talk about you with my family, to become a messenger of your love and your peace, to alleviate the sorrows of those who need you.

This morning fill my life with your grace, may my actions please you and may your eyes look with favor at my offerings. Divine Lord, give me a lot of intelligence to be able to solve the complex situations that arise throughout this day and help me make the best decisions to succeed in the tests.

Show mercy on my home, my family, and the people I love the most. Bless the plans they have for today and their future. Take care of their steps so that they arrive safely at the destinations they have to reach and bring them back home safely. Please, Lord, do not abandon them for a single moment.

Thank you, my Lord, because I know that you listen carefully to my prayer. If it is your will, grant me this that I ask with all my heart and protect me the rest of the day. Do not let go of my hand or mine and grant me your favor. All this I ask in the name of your beloved son Jesus, Amen.

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