Morning Prayer for February 13

Good God, today I woke up refreshed and rested. My heart is ready to start the day with great joy. I have a lot of faith and a lot of hope that everything will go very well and that you will see with good eyes the plans I have for today.

Merciful Lord, let it not be me who lives this day, but I ask you to come down and do it for me. Use me as an instrument to be able to take your messages to the neediest people, to those who have lost hope of living, and to those who doubt your existence. Lord, may your love be the one who molds those hearts, and may their lives be part of your great flock of love.

My Heavenly Father, I want to take advantage of this moment to ask you for my work environment, to grant me business success, to obtain economic abundance, and thus be able to support my home. Lord, you are a witness of all the time I invested and all the efforts I made to achieve what I long for, but I know that I will not be able to obtain anything if you do not give me your favor. I ask you to take into consideration everything I long for and grant it to me when I need it, at the time you think is right.

Blessed Lord, I raise this prayer with the confidence that you will listen to my pleas. When I am on a difficult path, my father responds to my call. Don’t leave me alone at any time. Pour your blessings and your protection on me and on my home, granting us your peace.

My good God, today I want you to be by my side when I solve my problems, that it be You who acts through me and that everything can happen for the good. Lord, don’t let me despair if things don’t go my way. Give me the discernment to understand your projects and what you want for me.

This morning I want to thank you because you make me part of a beautiful family because through them I can understand your love much more. If for any reason, there are problems within the house, between us, I ask that your kindness can make us come together and forgive each other again.

Holy God, thank you because it is by your hand that we enjoy life and because it is by your grace that we enjoy the forgiveness of our sins. Thank you because we have a job with which to support our home and a roof where we can take refuge.

Thank you again for the miracle you did by letting me share this day with you. Thank you because your love does not compare to anything and because, from early on, I can feel your presence enveloping my heart and giving me everything by the handful, even when I don’t deserve it.

Lord of my life, thank you because I know you will grant me everything I ask for and listen to my cries. Deliver me from all the evils that exist abroad and protect the decisions I can make on this day that is about to begin. All this I ask in the name of Christ Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

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