Morning Prayer for February 14

Beautiful God, a new day begins for both of us. I delight in your horizon because you promise me a new future and I am happy by your side. Stay with me Lord, the day will begin and I need you to make things right. You are the reason for each dawn and captain of my ship that will start sailing.

Thank you, Holy Father, because this morning you allowed my lungs to fill with air and my eyes to contemplate the beauty of your creation. Begin your day with me, Eternal Father, because I cannot explain my life without you. From early on, you manifested yourself in me, blessed Lord, and I am very happy with you in my existence.

I take advantage of this morning to raise your praise in the form of a prayer. Your Holy and powerful name deserves all the glory and honor of my heart. Lord, I ask you to accept this humble offering from this sinner who only wants and needs to please you. Lord, my God, this morning gave me the strength and courage to be able to face all the problems that come my way.

Today, I want to accomplish a lot of things and make a lot of plans. I need your help so I can get what I need. Grant me the opportunity to be able to conclude what I have prepared. Give me a lot of abundance in business and lead me along the paths of success. May my decisions be good and may they generate favor for me, my God.

However, if I manage to get your favor, let this not make me lose sight of what I really need: You, my Lord. Remind me to thank you at every moment, because what I have comes from You and because you give me what I need at every precise moment.

I want to ask you for the people who do not know you, who are far from your gaze. My good Lord, pour your blessings on their lives, do not allow them to continue to lose themselves and choose the wrong paths. Remind them that there will always be a path of hope and love and that the only path is You. Lord, may the world not fall into darkness, and may they find the salvation you offer them.

Have mercy on those who go through moments of affliction, anguish, and overwhelm. Do not forget them, my Lord. Touch their hearts, transform their lives and illuminate the rest of their walk with your resplendent light.

My beloved God, be the inexhaustible source of strength and love, look at me with eyes of pity and mercy and allow me to feel you in every step I take. Blessed Father, be holy and praised; do not remove your protection from me and my home; take care of my relatives and stay with them for the rest of the day.

Holy Father, now I am about to start the day. Stay close and be very aware of what you may need. Get out of my way, all the evils that await me outside my home. I ask all this in the mighty name of your son Jesus, Amen.

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