Morning Prayer for February 15

Almighty Lord, this morning I want to thank you because you allowed me to enjoy another day by your side. Thank you that every time I wake up, I feel compelled to praise and adore you. Thank you because you allow me to wake up healthy and for all the blessings you have for me on this day that is about to begin.

Wonderful God, I want this morning to be the beginning of a new relationship between You and me, I need you to completely take over my daily walk, to act through me, and for me to see through your eyes. May your grace dwell within me and allow me to achieve the goals and plans I have for today.

Do not leave my side, divine Lord, I beg you to grant me the opportunities to achieve economic abundance to be able to sustain my home. I ask you that the businesses that I have in mind can crystallize and that all the dreams that I have can come true according to the need you may have.

Heavenly Father, I want to ask you for my family, for their lives, for their activities and jobs, so that you be the one to give them blessings and come to get what they want. Cover us with your mantle of protection and make my home a temple where you can reign at all times.

Take away every bad feeling from my home. May the evil feelings and temptations of the enemy be kept away from us. Help us to be more humble, to serve, and to learn that prayer is the only way to establish a bond with you, my Lord.

Blessed Father, you know everything about me, my strengths and my weaknesses, my joys and my sorrows. Help me to look for you at all times and to get to know you better every day. May my prayers be heard and may my faith be increased at every moment. Don’t let doubt take over me. Hold my hand, Lord of Lords. Give me the chance to seek salvation, held by your hand.

Thank you because I feel within me, your great love. Today I look at the sky and I can realize that your goodness is entirely for me. Blessed Father, I ask you to pour out your grace on the whole world, so that you do not allow them to err on their paths and every day, get lost in the pleasures and temptations of the enemy.

This morning, I want to put everything at your disposal. Lord, take everything in my life and transform it. Renew every space in my heart and cover my moments of melancholy with joy. I want to praise and adore you forever, knowing that it is only to You I owe the wonderful gifts that I receive daily. My good God, I want to find my place by your side.

Lord of my life, thank you for the day I will begin. Thank you because I know you will listen to my words and answer my prayers. Allow me to share these moments with the people I love the most and give me the prudence to be able to live my life under your commandments. I ask for everything in the mighty name of Jesus, your Son, Amen.

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