Morning Prayer for February 16

I’ve been aware of your presence since the beginning of the day, Loving God. Thank you for being by my side, thank you for giving me a break to restore my strength, thank you because you are with me at all times and because your infinite love surrounds me to give me the strength I need to start this important day for me.

Thank you, divine Father, because you allow me to enjoy this beautiful gift that is life. Thank you because you listen to my prayers at all hours and because I am certain that you will help me to succeed in all the trials that come my way today. Keep me safe, my Lord, because I will not be afraid of anything if you are by my side.

My good God, this morning I want to ask you to help me solve a problem that has been causing me a lot of concern for a long time and that can make me decline in times of trial. I ask you to be good and give me the strength to resist these moments and to give me the patience to know when to act and how to act. Become my wisdom to take and choose the best options.

I completely abandon myself to you, my Lord, because I know that when everything is very dark, your light will eradicate all the darkness in my life. I know that you are with me, that you will not abandon me, and that you will not let me fall. Give me the perseverance to keep going despite everything. You are the rock where I get stronger and my most faithful protector.

Eternal Father, this morning I want to ask you for my heart because I feel that you must change it and you must renew it. I ask your forgiveness for the mistakes I make and for offending my brothers, perhaps without realizing it. Allow me to be humble, to know how to give to others, and not just think about receiving. Give me a spirit full of joy and fellowship so that I can carry the message from your lips to the hearts of those around me.

My Lord, may this morning be very useful for me. May I be able to do things that please you and, above all, know how to value everything you give me. Thank you, Eternal Father, because I was able to understand that to be your son I have to serve with love and make my prayers stronger and stronger.

Lord, may I rejoice every time I have to converse with you and thank you at all times, even when situations are not the best.

Merciful God, I prepare to start the day knowing that you hear my prayers, that you hear my pleas, and that you will increase my courage to continue leading your way. If there are difficult moments, help me to be patient, to do what corresponds to me, and wait for you to put everything in order, blessed Lord.

Lord of peace, may this morning be very productive for me and mine. Let me have a quiet day full of your love. Give me the wisdom I need to be able to face the tests that will come. All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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