Morning Prayer for February 17

God of love, today I can wake up with great encouragement and with great joy. My eyes open and my lungs fill with your breath of life. Today I want to give glory and honor to your Holy and powerful Name. Thank you Holy Father, because I feel your love surrounding my life from the beginning.

Blessed Lord, this day is very beautiful to live. Thank you because you put many blessings in the middle of my path. Thank you for your infinite love and kindness. Thank you because I feel that with your help I will be able to achieve everything I set out to do. Stay by my side, wonderful God, to accompany me for the rest of the day.

Holy Father, for this day I have many plans to carry out. I want to achieve my goals in your favor. Pour out your wisdom, your strength, and protect me under the shadow of your wings, so that today may pass very calmly and away from the temptations of the enemy, that nothing can influence me to suffer.

Divine Creator, this morning I want to ask you for my family because they are the most important people in my life. Grant them favor in their lives, so that the fire in their hearts grows stronger each time. Take care of their paths, the steps they take, and the places where they unfold, so that they feel your love in their lives and in their homes.

Do not leave them without protection, my God, even if we do not deserve your blessings. Stay in our home and do not allow us to go through needs. Give us what is fair and necessary to live. Become our reason to continue together, supporting us, loving us, and always united in prayer.

Today, I’d like to offer you this day: take control of all my actions, watch over my steps, and enlighten my mind in the decisions I can make. Give me the possibility to live this day to the fullest, sharing and enjoying the moments with the people who are close to me, Lord.

My God, I want to hear your voice in my heart to find my route, that I do not give up in the face of trials and that my struggle is constant. My Lord, I proclaim that you are the only truth I want for my life and the only path I must follow.

This morning I want to walk in your presence, beautiful Lord. Take care that the flame of my faith does not go out, that temptations do not weaken my confidence, that moments of sadness do not make me doubt your incomparable love.

Blessed Lord, I ask you to listen to my prayer and give me confidence that everything will go very well and that the day will pass according to your will. Giving me the health I need to carry out my activities and that they may be pleasant in your eyes, Father God, All this I ask in the name of Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

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