Morning Prayer for February 18

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you on this new day, Eternal Father. Thank you because your sweet voice says you love me and you show me by giving me a new awakening every day. My eyes open and I prepare to live a day of great favor and full of blessings.

Blessed be the God of my heart. Majestic is your presence in your creation and in my life. Thank you for dwelling in my life. Thank you for owning my life and making me part of the plan you have. Thank you for showing me your love daily, for letting me know that I am your son and that you will be close to me to help me and watch over me at all times.

Divine Father, I want to ask you for my family, so that you feed them with the bread of eternal life that comes from You, fill their hearts with your peace, and that your divinity allows them to recognize that you are the only path to follow and the only truth to understand.

Cleanse the stains of sin that have accumulated in their lives and grant them the opportunity to purify their hearts and rejoice in your presence. Thank you for being a guardian, for being a protector, and for being pleasant company during all the experiences of our day.

Help them overcome the obstacles that will arise in their day, watch their steps and illuminate the paths they may choose to walk. Grant them the strength and courage to move forward, get close to them, and let them know your goodness and your love.

My Lord, I recognize this morning that everything I have comes from your hand and for that, I am completely grateful, I cannot find an explanation for my life without You being in it. When you are with me, I am stronger and I can overcome all the obstacles that you put in front of me. My Lord, give me your courage not to fear in times of difficulty.

If the day becomes complex, if things don’t go as planned, give me your peace and calm to understand that everything happens under your will and that, if I don’t receive what I expect, maybe I don’t need it yet.

Holy God, give me the grace to share this day with many people. Make me enjoy and live with great enthusiasm, despite the difficulties that appear, despite illnesses, economic problems, family problems. Give me confidence that you will solve everything if I leave it in your hands, and that I do not worry about the problems that will come later, but concentrate on living and valuing the present.Blessed Father, I trust your words. I keep your promises in my heart. Thank you because I know that you will give me a day full of peace and tranquility, that everything will go very well and that evil will depart from my house, from my path, and from my day. I ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ, the only truth and way, Amen.

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