Morning Prayer for February 19

This morning, Eternal Lord, I approached you to thank You for giving me a new awakening. Thank you because you allow me to improve as a person and as your servant. From very early, I felt that your love was with me, and now I am about to start my day full of desire to achieve my desires.

Omnipresent God, my heart is infinitely grateful for everything you put in my home. Thank you for the food you let me share, for the people around me, and for the health you give them. Thank you because we did not have great needs and because, despite all our mistakes, you always stayed by our side.

Blessed God, the sun that approaches through my window is one more example of the love you have for me. Stay by my side to achieve my goals and to crystallize the projects I have for this day. Guide me and lead me along the paths of good. Review me with your peace, your goodness, and your grace.

Heavenly Father, I want to start my day close to You, staying under your protection and care. I have to thank you because you placed the ideal people to help me improve, serve, forgive, and love as you want. Consider what I have planned. Consider my efforts and my sacrifices to give me your favor.

Take away from me all kinds of evil, that the temptations of the enemy, nor the tests, can overcome me. My Lord, I need you to pour your peace on me so that worries do not cause my faith to diminish. My God, relieve my discomfort. My God, lighten the loads that I have to carry.

Almighty and eternal God, this day I want to ask you for my family, for the people who live with me every day. Thank you because you pour out many blessings on my home because you are watching over us so as not to fall into temptation. Thank you that when we cling to your love, we can solve our problems.

Wonderful Lord, I also want to ask you, in a very special way, about all the people who exist in the world but who have taken a very different course. I ask you to clear their minds and cleanse their hearts of all the bad practices the world has to offer. Make them return to you and feel, within them, true, infinite love.

This morning, I ask you to increase my faith so that I can become an instrument of your love. Allow me, Lord, to have the strength and wisdom to solve all the trials that come my way. Give me a little more stamina and perseverance to always go forward, constantly looking for you.

Merciful God, I offer you my whole life. Be with me at all times, my God. Do not let my steps get lost on the way and protect me from all disturbances. Give me your favor on this day and make it very useful. All this I ask in the name of your Son, Christ Jesus, Amen.

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