Morning prayer for February 20

This morning, Most High Father of Heaven, I come before you to thank you for the new day that you have given me. Thank you because my eyes are open towards a new dawn because you gave me a restful rest because I have one more opportunity to be your best servant.

My God, nothing is better than waking up and being able to praise you with all my heart. Thank you because I feel that you are with me at all times. Thank you because your mercy and kindness are infinite and because you allow me to continue pursuing my goals.

Lord, may my strength take me along the path of good and may I return safely at the end of the day, held by your hand. Grant me a spirit of courage, that my fears remain behind me, and that my soul wants to go to achieve the goals that I have set for myself.

This morning, Wonderful Creator, I want to ask you for those people who are starting the day away from your presence, for those people who live in a world without hope, ruled by sadness and discouragement. My God, do not allow the world to fall into darkness and give in to the temptations of the enemy.

Shower your mercy on everyone and give them back the hope they lost when they fell into a rut. Blessed Lord, many people only follow others out of ignorance of the love you have for them because they don’t know what they want to be.

My Lord, on this day I ask you for my family so that they can have a very profitable day. Can I ask you for all the plans and projects you have? Take care of the paths that they can take and the actions that they are going to carry out. Allow them to get to know you more so that they can pray with greater constancy.

My Father, if they are going through serious problems, I ask you to be wise for their solution, to be their refuge, so that they can protect themselves and comfort themselves. Do not consider the evils they may have committed and the weaknesses they may have, but grant them your favor so that they may be victorious in their trials.

Once again, I thank you for granting me the miracle of life. Now I am about to start it. Give me the good sense and prudence to be able to live these moments as you want. Thank you because I know this humble prayer is being heard in heaven.

My whole day is offered to you, Divine Lord of my life. Be with me at all times and do not leave me alone for a moment. Give me the strength to face the trials of this day and the certainty that I will fulfill everything, step by step. All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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